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1935 Westinghouse Radio Ad
1935 Westinghouse Ad

Articles on Glassware Topics

The following list of articles related to American made glassware (and some that refer to glass made in other countries) come from sources outside the National Depression Glass Association. The authors have generously given us permission to reproduce their writing here on our web site as a public service to the glass collecting community. Where appropriate, we refer you to the web site of the author of an article, and we thank them for generously sharing their expertise with all of us.

If you are preparing a presentation for your club or other organization, these articles, and the ones from the News & Views and the Rainbow Review/Glass Review will provide you with plenty of material. When you give your presentation, be sure to remind your audience that you found much of the material on the NDGA web site. Use our Search Form to look for information on your topic.


Seven Tips to Make Your Depression Glass Last for Years by Kathy Eickholt
Collecting - A Special Memory by Linda Carannante
What is Depression Glass? by David Adams
What is Depression Glass? For That Matter, What is Elegant Glass? by Tom Cotter
Glassware was different in the Depression years by David Adams
In Support of Glass Shows by Leonette Walls Ed.D.
Patterns Important to the History of Depression Glass by Joyce Krupey
A Depression Glass Primer by Christine Nagy
Silver Overlay Glass by by Giorgio Busetto
Hughes Corn Flower: An Elegant Canadian Tradition by Walter Lemiski M.A.
L.G. Wright - Going, Going, Gone! by George Breeze
A Brief History of Carnival Glass by David Doty
Stretch, that "Other" Iridescent Glass by Helen and Robert Jones
Glass Lightning Balls by David Adams
Stemware Display at the Historical Glass Museum by David Adams
The Other Depression Glass - Crystal Depression Glass by Kathy Eickholt
Teal and Ultra Marine Colored Glass of the Depression Era by Kathy Eickholt
White Glass is Milk Glass, Isn't It? by Kathy Eickholt
What is a Cream Soup? by Kathy Eickholt
What on earth is a sherbet plate? by Kathy Eickholt
Guide to decorative Elegant and Depression glass bowl shapes by Kathy Eickholt
Art Deco Glass by Kathy Eickholt
Etched Depression Glass vs. Depression Glass vs Elegant Glass by Kathy Eickholt
The Romance of Vintage Stemware by Kathy Eickholt
Sandwich Glass Patterns by Kathy Eickholt
Stretch Glass by the Stretch Glass Society
MacBeth Evans' Dogwood by Kathy Eickholt
MacBeth Evans' American Sweetheart by Kathy Eickholt
Hocking's Ribbed Depression Glass by Kathy Eickholt
Princess Depression Glass - Scrolls and Squares from Hocking by Kathy Eickholt
Anchor Hocking's Early American Prescut by Cathy Linehan
The Lancaster Glass Co., 1908-1937 by John P. Zastowney, MBA
Jeannette Glass Company's post-Depression patterns by Kathy Eickholt
Jeannette's Floral and Floragold Depression Glass by Kathy Eickholt
Jeannette's Doric & Pansy and Doric by Kathy Eickholt
Jeannette's Adam and Swirl by Kathy Eickholt
Federal Glass Patterns made after the Depression by Kathy Eickholt
Federal Glass Company's Diana by Kathy Eickholt
Federal Glass Company's Georgian or Lovebirds by Kathy Eickholt
Pyrex Flameware by Leonette A. Walls, Ed. D.
Cornflower by Pyrex by April Tvorak
Currier & Ives Dinnerware by Debbi Irwin and Eldon R. Aupperle
The Fenton Logo and Fenton Moulds by Fenton Art Glass Company
Fenton Art Glass Company - Final Auction by David Adams
Fenton's many Crest patterns by Christine Nagy
Spot Moulds Used by Fenton by Carrie Domitz
Indiana Glass Later Patterns by Kathy Eickholt
Indiana Glass Company`s Willow (aka) "Oleander" by Leonette A. Walls, Ed. D.
Monongah Glass Company by Kathy Eickholt
Monongah Glass: Forgotten Glass Giant by Dean Six
Westmoreland's Paneled Grape by Christine Nagy
Fostoria: Fairfax and Lafayette by Kathy Eickholt
Fostoria: Coronet and Pioneer by Kathy Eickholt
Fostoria – Baroque and Raleigh by Kathy Eickholt
Fostoria June by Kathy Eickholt
Fostoria Glass Candleholders by Kathy Eickholt
Farber Brothers by Don Mullins
Heisey's Rose Pattern by Leonette A. Walls, Ed. D.
Unmarked Heisey? by by Lamar Birckbichler
The Glass Industry in/near Cumberland, MD by Dale Murschell
Lonaconing / Utility / Sloan Glass Companies by Dale Murschell
The Maryland Glass Company by Dale Murschell
The Potomac Glass Company by Dale Murschell
Maryland Glass Etching Works by Dale Murschell