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National Depression Glass Association
PO Box 8264
Wichita, KS 67208-0264
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For Cash Donations: Send check payable to NDGA to address above.

Glass Company Ads

Airko, 1951

Airko Adv

Tiffin, 1947

Tiffin Adv

Roseville Pottery, 1943

Roseville Adv

Cambridge, 1940s

Cambridge Adv

Southern Potteries (Blue Ridge), 1948

Blue Ridge Adv

A. H. Heisey, 1930

Heisey Adv

The above has been a small sample of the various ads we have collected. You can see lots more glass and pottery company advertisements on our Advertisements page.

Mission Statement

The National Depression glass Association, founded in 1974, is a 501C (3) non-profit organization dedicated to:

Adopted at the Annual Meeting, July 13, 2012

The National Collection

Beginning in 1999, the NDGA established a National Glass Collection consisting of donated glass and related items. The intent is to eventually acquire an appropriate building for a Museum. In the interim, parts of the National Glass Collection are being displayed at Glass Shows around the country, a number of Museums in several states and at the Annual Convention of the NDGA.

The NDGA National Glass Museum

Museum In late 2011, the NDGA contracted to lease a building in Wellington, Kansas, for the purpose of establishing a museum to house the National Collection. The projected opening is in the Spring of 2012. With this modest beginning, the NDGA will be able to showcase the National Collection and provide safe, permanent storage for the Collection itself.

Membership Newsletter - The News & Views

From the beginning, members have been kept up to date on NDGA happenings via the organization's newsletter, the News & Views. At present, it is published six times a year and sent to the primary member in each household. Over the years, many articles on depression glass topics have been published, and we have preserved many of them on our Newsletter pages.

Annual Convention, Show and Sale

The organization holds a Convention and Glass Show & Sale every year in the month of July. Traditionally, the Convention is held in a different city each year, to allow members from all across the country to be able to attend a Convention relatively close to where they live. You can find information about past Conventions in another section of this site.

The Show & Sale consists of 32 dealers, and there is generally a waiting list maintained for dealers who wish to participate. If you are a dealer, and wish to be added to the waiting list, here is the NDGA Dealer Application form in PDF® format. Simply print it out, fill it in, and mail it to the address provided. Dealers are added to the waiting list in the order that the applications are received.

DocumentsOrganizational Documents

The NDGA is an open organization, and as such, we publish many documents that might otherwise be considered "internal". On our Documents page you will find our By-Laws, Standing Rules, several years of Tax Returns, Rules for Dealer Selection, Current Dealer Waiting List, Dealer Application Form, etc.

History of the NDGA

We have reconstructed a bit of the history of the NDGA from past issues of the News & Views newsletter. There is a complete list of the officers from the first year up to the present time, and some background on significant events which occurred over the years.


***** 2017-2018 NDGA Elected Officers *****
(Numbers in parentheses indicate the year term expires)
  Title Name and (E-Mail Address)
Pam Meyer President (2019) Pam Meyer
Jane Schleinzer Vice President (2018) Jane Schleinzer
Betty Buersmeyer Secretary (2019) Betty Buersmeyer
Robert Henicksman Treasurer (2018) Robert Henicksman
Tom Mailburger Board Member (2018) Tom Maiburger

Trudy Norman Board Member (2018) Trudy Norman
Donavon Schmidt Board Member (2018) Donavon Schmidt
Enid Waska Board Member (2018) Enid Waska
Danny Cornelius Board Member (2019) Danny Cornelius
Pam Franscella Board Member (2019) Pam Franscella
Karyn Hilliard Board Member (2019) Karyn Hilliard
John Fields Board Member (2019) Ed Staley
***** 2017-2018 Appointed Administrators *****
Fred Meyer By-Laws Fred Meyer
David Hollingshead Education
(Click to see the full committee)
David Hollingshead
Pam Franscella Finance
(Click to see the full committee)
Pam Franscella
Leegh Wyse Historian Leegh Wyse
Dean Lowry Membership Dean Lowry
Danny Cornelius Museum Danny Cornelius
Gary Teeter Nominating
(Click to see the full committee)
Gary Teeter
Freeman Moore Webmaster Freeman Moore
***** 2017-2018 Additional Positions *****
Cynthia Hillman Annual Fund Drive Chair
(Click to see the full committee)

Cynthia Hillman
Keely Stockman Convention 2018 Chair Keely Stockman
Pam Meyer Museum Support Fund Chair Pam Meyer
Mark Buersmeyer News & Views Editor Mark Buersmeyer
Danny Cornelius Museum Trustee Chair
(Click to see the full committee)
Danny Cornelius

Dean Lowry Show Packet Coordinator Dean Lowry