Stretch Glass

by the Stretch Glass Society

Diamond Glass American Iridescent Stretch Glass can be found by collectors and enthusiasts of glassware who attend antique shows, auctions, markets or scour antiques shops or even garage sales! A colorful, varied array of pieces are available for beginners to advanced collectors. The place setting at right is an example of Irridescent Stretch Glass from Diamond Glass Company.


The Stretch Glass Society defines Stretch Glass as a pressed or blown-molded glass that has little or no pattern and is sprayed with a metallic salt mix while hot. When finished, it will have either a cobweb iridescence effect (equal to stretch marks) or a plain iridescence effect. Stretch Glass is reheated and usually reshaped after the iridescence has been applied. The stretch effect is not overly noticeable, especially in candleholders, candy jars, and other pieces that were not reshaped after the molding process. Stretch Glass was originally produced from 1916-1935; Fenton Art Glass Company re-introduced stretch glass into their production line from approximately 1980 until 2011.


Imperial Marigold Stretch Glass varies not only by color and style by each manufacturer, but the iridescent effect can vary significantly because of the process itself. The plate at left is by Imperial Glass Company and the color is called marigold. Styles, or shapes, range from various size bowls, plates, candlesticks, candy jars, beverage sets, center handled servers, compotes, vases and creamers and sugars to the rarer shapes such as punch bowls and colognes. Iridescent Stretch Glass rarely has impressed patterns other than simple patterns, rings, diamonds or ribs. Colors are as varied as the styles, from blue, topaz, pink, green, white, marigold and various opaque colors to vibrant red, tangerine, wisteria and cobalt blue. Each manufacturer produced multiple shapes and styles in multiple colors so one can see how a collection can grow in size by focusing on color, style and manufacturer!


Fenton 1504 bowl To date, nine manufacturers have been identified as producers of Stretch Glass. They are: Central Glass Works of Wheeling, WV, Diamond Glass-Ware Company of Indiana, PA, Fenton Art Glass Company of Williamstown, WV, Imperial Glass Company of Bellaire, OH, Jeannette Glass Company of Jeannette, PA, Lancaster Glass Company of Lancaster, OH, H. Northwood & Company of Wheeling, WV, United States Glass of Pittsburgh, PA and Vineland Flint Glass Works of Vineland, NJ. The bowl and stand shown at right are by Fenton Art Glass Company in their aquamarine color.


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