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Send us your Ads

If you have advertisements from glass companies, or ads which show pictures of recognizable "depression glass", please copy them and mail them to the NDGA PO Box, to the attention of the webmaster.

Index to Glass Advertisements

Over the course of the years, much information about the various glass companies and patterns has been gleaned from advertising, in popular magazines, newspapers and trade publications. Where we have not been able to obtain company records for quite a few glass companies, the advertisements and trade journal articles have been the only source for scant information.

Some of the pioneering publications in the field of depression glass have offered us a glimpse into the advertisements of the depression era by glass companies of the time. These include now defunct publications like The Daze, The National Depression Glass Journal, and the Rainbow Review Glass Journal. The NDGA newsletter, the News & Views reprinted many old glass company advertisements over the years.

As an ongoing project, we have begun to transfer some of the old advertising to our web site so that anyone preparing a presentation can avail themselves of the efforts of the pioneers of depression glass collecting. As we get advertisements (and the time to do so), we'll post them in the appropriate category. If anyone has old advertisements that they would like to supply for the purpose of scanning and uploading them to the NDGA website, contact the

Here are the various companies whose advertisements have been transferred to the web so far:

Glass Ads by non-Glass Companies A. H. Heisey Glass Company
Anchor Hocking Glass Company Bryce Brothers Glass Company
Cambridge Glass Company Duncan & Miller Glass Company
Miscellaneous Glass Companies Federal Glass Company
Fostoria Glass Company H. C. Fry Glass Company
Hall China Imperial Glass Company
Miscellaneous Pottery Companies Libbey Glass Company
Lotus Glass Company McKee Glass Company
Seneca Glass Company Tiffin (U.S. Glass)
Westmoreland Glass Company