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The Photo Gallery

Here is where you get to share your collection with our membership. The selections will change from time to time, as photos are submitted by our members (and as the webmaster gets the time to make the changes). Photographs of glass can be submitted to the webmaster via email, but you must also provide a description of what is in each photograph and if there are people in the photograph, you need to identify each person (let's say from left to right, just so we are consistent from the start). If we don't get names of people, or if the photograph is sent with no descriptive information, we simply cannot post it on these pages. If your NDGA member club has a show, and you'd like to have some pictures from the show displayed here, feel free to send them in. But we will also feel free to limit the number of pictures from any one member or club, in the interest of fairness to all.

We would like to feature photographs of displays from shows across the country. If you send in the photos with descriptions to the webmaster we will include the photos in this section.

July 2013 - NDGA 39th Annual Show and Sale, Wellington Kansas

NDGA July 2013

Vicki Churchman is a member of the Wichita Glass Glazers Club. Vicki went to every dealer in the show and asked them to share information about their favorite or most-rare piece in their booth. All of the dealers were happy to oblige and what you see here is a collection of dealers showing their prized item.


February 2011 - Little Rock Glass Show

These photographs were taken at the show in Little Rock, Arkansas, the weekend of February 26-27, 2011. Thanks to member Sarah Van Dalsem for providing the photos.

February 2011 - Historical Glass Museum, Redlands, CA

Linda and David Adams have set up, on behalf of the NDGA, another display at the Historical Glass Museum in Redlands, CA. This has been a multi-year effort, with different displays each year, all featuring American-made glass with credit given to the NDGA. We encourage members to share their collections with local museums, libraries, Senior Centers, etc. and help publicize the NDGA in the process.

Another set of photographs at the same museum can be found in the article located elsewhere on this page. The Historical Glass Museum is the largest museum dedicated to American glass in the west. Click on the photograph for additional or larger pictures.

September 2009 - Pike's Peak DG Club Show - Colorado Springs, CO

At the All American Glass, Pottery & More Show/Sale in Colorado Springs, the members of the Pike's Peak Depression Glass Club presented a display of Fenton glass. There was an amazing array of colors and treatments, with glass from the Carinval era all the way up to contemporary. The featured table had settings of Ivory Crest with Lincoln Inn stemware. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger version.

Imperial Freehand vase July-Oct 2009 - Imperial Glass Museum, Bellaire, Ohio

The National Imperial Glass Museum has a special exhibit of Imperial Free Hand glass on display until October 31, 2009. This glass is very rare and quite expensive, but it is impossibly beautiful to look at. After a couple of years, the same team of glass workers later moved on to Fenton Art Glass Company. Alas, while the pieces produced at both Imperial and Fenton were beautiful, they were quite expensive, even in the prosperous years of the 1920s, and both companies eventually abandoned the effort. Click on the photo to see more photos and read about the current display at the National Imperial Glass Museum.

HG Museum 2009 June 2009 - Historical Glass Museum, Redlands, CA

Linda and David Adams share photographs of the displays they have set up on behalf of the NDGA at the Historical Glass Museum in Redlands, CA. This has been a multi-year effort, with different displays each year, all featuring American-made glass with credit given to the NDGA. We encourage members to share their collections with local museums, libraries, Senior Centers, etc. and help publicize the NDGA in the process.

Morgantown Display March 2008 - Heart of America Glass Show, Independence, MO

There was a fabulous display of Morgantown glass at the Heart of America show in March, 2008. Click on the small photograph at right to see several shots of the exhibit, including a closeup of the President's House stemware chosen by Jacqueline Kennedy for use at the White House.

January 2008 - Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, Idaho

Idaho Display This photograph was submitted by John Warren, of a depression glass exhibit he and associates assembled in the antiques department for the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The Fair is a typical country fair - items are submitted in various categories and judged on condition, rarity, and overall appeal. I think it turned out visually quite appealing. Click on the photo for a larger version.

John is not an NDGA member, but took the time to share the photograph and the explanation with our members. He didn't mention if it won a prize, but it certainly wins a prize with the NDGA membership. Thank you, John, for sharing the photo with us.

April 2007 - Rocky Mountain Depression Glass Show in Castle Rock, Colorado

Here are a few photographs from the displays at the Rocky Mountain Depression Glass Show in Castle Rock, Colorado. There were a number of displays, but we only got photographs of these (sorry). This club always has a room full of fabulous displays at their show. Enjoy how the members illustrate the way to decorate and entertain with American-made glassware and pottery. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger version.

Amber Apple Blossom
Amber Apple Blossom
Keyhole Vases part I
Keyhole Vases part II
Red and Green Cape Cod
Westmoreland Wakefield

Ruby Cole and her Cape Cod display   Cape Cod by Imperial Glass Company

Many of our members share their glass collections with us during the NDGA Convention each year in early July. But there are other Glass Shows across the Country that feature member displays. One of those is the Castle Rock, Colorado, show which is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Depression Glass Society, one of our NDGA member clubs. Ruby Cole, currently the Northern Plains Board Member, brought her wonderful collection of Imperial's "Cape Cod" pattern to the show in April 2005. Click on the thumbnail picture to see several photographs of the fantastic display, which took up a whole wall of the display room.

Queen Louise goblet Queen Louise by Morgantown Glass Company

At left is a small photograph of a goblet in the "Queen Louise" pattern by Morgantown Glass Company. This decoration is called a "Silk Screen Print", and the goblet shown was introduced by Morgantown in 1928, on the #7614 "Hampton" stemware line, with crystal bowl and "Anna Rose" (light pink) stem and foot as shown. These stems are extremely rare and they really take your breath away when you see them in person. To see a larger photograph, click on the picture. Then use your browser's "BACK" button to return to the photo gallery.

Pebble Leaf by Indiana Glass Company

Pebble Leaf At right is a photo of Indiana Glass Company's pattern # 6 known as "Pebble Leaf" in a 1929 Butler Brothers Catalog Ad. The photo was submitted to us by Richard A Green, Sr. To see a larger photograph, click on the picture. Thanks Richard.

Old English by Indiana Glass Company

Richard Curtis and new acquisition NDGA member Richard Curtis, of Amarillo, Texas, has a fine collection of "Old English" pattern, made by Indiana Glass Company in the late 1920's. Richard displayed his collection at the Wichita show in October 2004. Click on the photograph to see more photographs and the full display. Thank you, Richard, for sharing your collection with all of us.

Imperial, Diamond and others

Katy Blue set To the left is a photograph of Imperial Glass Company's "Laced Edge" pattern, known commonly by collectors as "Katy Blue". You can see some rather scarce pieces of this lovely pattern, as well as Diamond's "Adam's Rib" and Imperial's "Molly" pattern, and an eclectic collection of batter jugs, just by clicking on the photograph at left. These are all part of the collection of Ron Wallis, who provided the photos for all of us to enjoy.

Todd Baum collection McKee Art Glass collection

Todd Baum has accumulated quite a collection of McKee Glass Company art glass vases and other items. Click on the photograph at right to see some good closeup shots of the very interesting pieces made by this little known, but long time glass manufacturer.

Adam by Jeanette Glass Company

Adam green butter dish At right is a photograph of a green butter dish in Jeanette Glass Company's "Adam" pattern. Click on the photograph to see a very nice larger image, showing the details of this pattern. The photo was submitted by Erik Schreiber.

Center-Handled Tray by Paden City Glass Company

Paden City Lucy tray This item, to the left, is a #895 "Lucy" center-handled tray, manufactured by Paden City Glass Company. The pattern is called "Salome". It is a silver overlay on crystal glass done by Lotus Glass Company. Click on the thumbnail photo to see a larger version. Submitted by Leslie G Chrisco.

Cameo by Hocking Glass Company

Cameo 15oz yellow tumbler Erol Artan from Missouri has shared with us this photograph (at left) of a rare piece: a 15oz tumbler in Hocking's "Cameo" pattern in yellow. The discovery of this item came in June 2004, which shows that even today, you might find a previously unknown piece in your pattern, if you're willing to go out and search. The 15oz "Cameo" tumbler was previously found only in pink and green. Click on the image to see a larger photo.

Lancaster Glass Company pink bowl

Lancaster pink bowl The photograph to the right is of a beautifully decorated bowl manufactured by Lancaster Glass Company of Lancaster, OH. The company was purchased in 1924 by Hocking, but continued to make glass under the Lancaster name until 1937. This picture was submitted by Keith Van Booven, and the bowl was a piece he inherited from his grandmother.

Fostoria American

American Ash tray

Dara Jones has sent us a couple of photographs of seldom seen pieces of Fostoria's "American" pattern. As you can see, there is an ashtray at left and a bedroom lamp at right. Thanks, Dara.

American Ash tray

If you have a page of photos of your collection, already arranged in a gallery, we would be willing to post a link to your page. The idea is to share your collection with others. Write to the webmaster.

We'd be honored to post YOUR photographs !

Send them to ""