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How to make a Donation to the NDGA

Types of Donations

The NDGA is in need of donations, but the donations can take many forms. Here are just some of the ways you can make a significant contribution to the NDGA and its mission of preserving America's Glass Manufacturing heritage.

Of course, donations can be made "In Memory Of" or even anonymously. There are funds specifically directed towards the National Glass Collection and the forms for those donations are found on a separate page.

For general donations, the following three choices are available:

Making a Donation in person

For those of you who would like information regarding contributions, donations may be made directly to the Acquisition Committee. All officers and members of the Board of Directors will aid in these efforts. To contact the Acquisition Committee Chairperson or a Board Member, visit our NDGA Information page.

Donations of Cash

You can easily make a donation of cash to the National Collection. We also accept donations made by PayPal®. You'll need to have "cookies" and "javascript" enabled in your browser in order to have the PayPal application work.
Click here to make a donation via PayPal.

If you wish to make a donation via cash or check to support the Museum efforts, here is a cash donation form which allows you to specify all the information needed, and serves also as a receipt for your donation, which will be acknowledged by a representative of the NDGA and returned to you.

Non-monetary Donations

Click here for the form you can use for non-monetary donations, such as glass, books, advertisements, glassmaking tools, etc.,. The form is in PDF® format which makes it very easy to print on your printer, and the address to which the donation may be sent is on the form.