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Contacting the NDGA

This is the place to come to contact our organization. Because there are a number of different topics you may wish to discuss, we've categorized them so that your inquiry can be directed to the NDGA member who can best answer you. Note that the person who answers your inquiry is a volunteer working on their own time. A response to your inquiry may therefore take a few days. Please have patience.

If you would like us to help you identify an item of glass, you can use the form below to include a photograph of the piece. Simply use the button labeled "BROWSE" to find the image file on your PC, and we'll upload it to our web site so we can check it out. Do not worry that the entire path to the file shows in the box - only the file will be uploaded to our site, not the drive and directory information.

Please be aware that as a not-for-profit organization we cannot appraise items. For more in-depth information about your glass and assistance in determining your item's value, the NDGA recommends purchasing one of the many fine reference books available in our bookstore or visiting your local library to see if they have a copy.

Three fields are required: your name (so we know who you are), your email address (so we can get back to you), and the text of the message you wish to send to us. Knowing your state helps us identify local resources. If you are inquiring about an identification, please make sure to include specifics about the item such as height, length, diameter, color, etc. Be sure to fill in all three required fields (name, email and message).

Please specify the type of question you have:
 I have a Question about the NDGA Museum efforts
 I would like help with Glass Identification
 I have a Question about the Annual Convention
 I have a Question or Comment about membership
 I have a Question or Comment about the News & Views newsletter
 I have a General Question about the NDGA
 I have a Question or Comment about this web site
 I would like to contact dealers interested in purchasing glass.

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