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December 2011

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1975 NDGA Show Pictures
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1975 NDGA Show Writeup

Latest News ...

April 9, 2017: Museum Open and Ready

Our April 1st reopening of the National Glass Museum was productive. Sarah VanDalsem took down her marvelous childrens' glassware and furniture display from the front window, then Pam and Fred Meyer worked with Vicki Churchman to clean the shelves and set up a display of the museum's 54 single-handled servers. The pictures may be a tad confusing, but servers were placed back-to-back in similar colors so the display would be pretty from outside or inside. Come see it!

We will be open from 11-4 on Thursdays and Fridays and from 10-2 on Saturdays. If you are in the area on another day and want to visit, you can call a local museum trustee who will usually be able to let you in: Ginny Butts at 620-326-2943 or Janis McDonald at 620-326-2990

March 6, 2017: Convention Update

Flip the pages on your calendar to the month of July and circle the 15th and 16th and make plans to attend the NDGA 43rd Annual Convention, Show and Sale in Wellington, KS.

We've added information about Hotels & Motels on our convention page.

Check out the updated Schedule of Events to help plan your time.

Have you identified your donations for the Silent Auction held during the Show and the live auction held after the Banquet?

The 2017 NDGA Annual General Membership Meeting will be held at 5:30 pm on Friday, July 14th. Everyone is welcome.

December 18, 2016: End of Year news

If you still have some shopping to do on Amazon, make sure you click on this link first so that it records information to Amazon that results in a donation back to NDGA. Alternatively, you could bookmark in your browser for future use.

Have you sent in your Annual Fund contribution? If not, you can complete the Annual Fund Resonse Form and mail it with your check, or use the Paypal Giving Fund for making your donation. Look at the Annual Fund page for more information.

It's not too early to make plans for July 2017. Mark your calendar and plan to join us at the 2017 convention in Wellington, KS!

November 1, 2016: Latest Addition to Museum

Some of you have been to the Museum but not recently, others have yet to visit! Please consider coming by to see our latest acquisitions.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we will soon have displayed, a wonderful part of the glass industry. We were given a glass mold with plunger for a Fostoria Colony #2412 1/2 two part relish dish. This is wonderful alone, but we also got a punty stick and rest, a blow pipe, and three tools to work glass. This will go along with a goblet mold the museum already has displayed. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had that two part relish to show how it fit into the mold? I'm on a quest to find that Colony two part relish to display along side the actual mold so that people can see show it works. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you have the piece, and would be willing to donate it to go along with the mold, please contact Pam Meyer.

September 6, 2016

It's time for the ANNUAL FUND DRIVE! Wait a minute, you say. Isn't that usually in the spring? It has been in the past but this year the Annual Fund Drive has been moved to the fall because the membership year has been changed from July 1 through June 30 to January 1 through December 31.

You were generous in your continued support in 2015 and we thank you. We trust you will be pleased to learn those contributions were mostly allocated to support and enhance NDGA's National Glass Museum. The work of NDGA is ongoing and ever evolving. The need for this year's Annual Fund Drive is no exception. Please help further NDGA's mission for education and preservation of American glass.

You should have received your Annual Fund via US mail. If not, you can complete the Annual Fund Resonse Form and mail it with your check, or use the Paypal Giving Fund for making your donation. Look at the Annual Fund page for more information.

July 31, 2016: NDGA in Tiffin is done - Wellington KS is next!

It was a great time for everyone in Tiffin Ohio at the 42nd NDGA annual convention.

Check out all the photos on our 2016 convention summary page

Mark your calendar and make plans to join us next July 15-16 in Wellington Kansas. We'll be adding information to our convention page as it becomes available.

June 15, 2016: NDGA 2016 Seminar Speakers

* The Tiffin Glass Company - From the Inside by Mike Carlson and Martha Ziegler

* Bedroom and Bathroom Glass by Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer

* American Iridescent Stretch Glass by Dr. David shetlar

* Indiana Glass - The Depression Years by Craig Scheming

* Steuben - The Modern Years by Tom Felt and Bob O'Grady

March 6, 2016: Financial Planning

Have you noticed the "Amazon" link on the left hand size and wondered why it is on our page? Quite simply, NDGA geta a "referral fee" everytime you purchase something on Amazon, but only if you first start at our customized link on the left. It's that easy - you don't have to do anything else.

Another way you can help NDGA is using the Paypal Giving Fund link in the left menu. It allows to you make a tax deductible donation to NDGA by credit card, and NDGA does not incur any credit card charges. So NDGA receives the full 100% of your donation.

NDGA will be starting the Annual Fund campaign soon and we'll update the Annual Fund page with the latest information. Speaking of latest information, have you checked out the latest on the 2016 Convention ? July is rapidly approaching!

December 10, 2015: End of year - already! ...

At the 40th NDGA Annual Convention in 2014 we had Ornaments made to commemorate the NDGA National Glass Museum and Paperweights to commemorate the 40th anniversary of our convention. These were made out of the beautiful Ruby Glass by the Crystal Memories Company out of Tiffin, OH and the Mosser Glass Company in Cambridge, OH respectfully.

Although we have sold many of these items, we still have a number that we are storing. Since we need the space the Museum Board of Trustee and the NDGA Board of Directors voted to allow us to discount these items by 20% making the Ornaments $28.00 and the Paperweights $32.00. Just in time for Christmas gift giving or decorating your tree!

We would love to ship you one or more of these beautiful pieces. The cost of boxing and postage will run $7.75. If ordering more than one item it would, of course, cost accordingly. Please contact Pam Meyer at or phone at 972-672-6213 if you wish to purchase one or more.


Planing continues on the 2016 convention to be held in Tiffin, OH, MO. Check the convention page for the latest information.

You may also be doing some end-of-year tax planning. Your donations of glass for the national collection are always appreciated, as well as items for resale in the gift shop. If you're considering a cash donation, we are registered with Ebay Giving Works that allows you to make a donation via PayPal with NDGA receiving 100% of the proceeds.

And if you're an Amazon shopper, make sure to click on our link to so that NDGA receives a referral credit.

November 1, 2015: Happenings at the Museum...

August 5th brought a big turn out as Dennis and Ara Ann Duty of Wichita brought some of Dennis's toy trains and railroad memorabilia down to share with us, including some of the railroad china and glasses he had acquired.

On the recent September First Friday, Angie Hilt of Wellington demonstrated the Rock Candy making process. She showed how it is similar to the glass making process, using sugar insted of sand.

We had a group of Red Hat Ladies from Winfield who came for a group tour. They kept us busy answering questions and enjoying the glass. We always have extra volunteers on hand to accomodate groups so that no one goes away without being able to ask their questions ... and the volunteers are getting very good at answering questions.

We look forward to seeing you - don't forget to stop and see our museum when you're driving through Kansas.

August 16, 2015: Election Results

The results of the NDGA 2015 election are as follows:
  • President - Danny Cornelius
  • Secretary - Linda Brendengerd
  • Director at Large - David Adams, Betty Buersmeyer, John Fields, and Cynthia Hillman
  • The change of the By-Laws was approved.
  • There were 462 ballots mailed out, and 305 returned, a 66% response by the membership.

    The Nominating Committee would like to thank all those who ran for office, and all the members who took the time to vote.

    All officers and administrators are listed on our page: About The NDGA.

February 15, 2015: News & Views column

We're instituting a new column that we hope will both educate our readers and help out our collectors. Most (we believe this should be all, but there may be an exception) of us have collections that are missing a "part". It may be a creamer withour a sugar, a bottom without a lid, a saucer without a cup ... you get the idea by now.

Check the latest issue of the News & Views for the current requests. You'll also find directions on how to submit your input. With your help, these lonely pieces will find their lost mate.


December 21, 2014: Support your Museum!

The National Glass Museumj, located in Wellington Kansas, has seen a lot of visitors this year. All of our volunteers have done an outstanding job this year greeting visitors and helping to spread the word about the museum. We had the opportunity to recognize our Volunteers and Donors at an appreciation party in early December. Thank you everyone!!!

It seems like everyone is busy with planning for the holidays, and so are we. The Museum is decked out in color for the season, and ready to welcome visitors.

The December/January issue of the News & Views has a cover story about preserving our past.The NDGA National Glass Museum for the past year or so has been taking broken pieces of glass collected from dealers at shows or just items that we find that have been damaged beyond use and turning them into pendants or earrings.

Many items can be purchased from the Gift Shop at the museum. Jewelry items along with many other items are often available at glass shows and sales throughout the country. Check out some of our selection here.


November 1, 2013: We're on TV!

We've all seen the ads to support Public Broadcasting. Now, here's a really good reason.

During the July 2013 Convention, television station KTWU located in Topeka Kansas, spent some time videotaping at the Convention and Museum. The result was broadcast as the October 10, 2013 program of Sunflower Journeys. It is a 27 minute program with two other stories. Our story begins 10 minutes into the program and lasts for 8 minutes. Make sure you are using supported software to view the program.

Many thanks to Pam Meyer and others for making this happen. Let us know what you thought of the program.

October 1, 2013: One year later

We did it.

It was only a year ago a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the Grand Opening of the NDGA National Glass Museum located at 117 S Washington Ave. in Wellington KS.

This past year has seen the Museum grow from an empty building to one that houses a collection of glass from the 1800's to the 1970's, representing a large number of the companies that were in existence during those times. It also has a working reference library for the public to use in their research of glassware. The museum is staffed by volunteers, who are always willing to help answer questions.

The museum will help in serving the two main goals of the organization, education and preservation of all American made glassware with an emphasis on the Depression Era.

NDGA is a 501(c)(3) organization with the museum opened to the public at no charge. The museum is supported by donations and proceeds from the gift shop where you may purchase glass items, along with t-shirts, tote bags and post cards. A donation jar is also available to anyone wishing to help support the museum.

The Museum is opened Thursday, Friday and Saturday between the hours of 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., with additional hours available by appointment. Please call 620-326-6400 or 316-524-1553 for those arrangements.

During the 2013 NDGA Convention, Leegh Wyse (NDGA Historian) worked with groups of students to help them appreciate the history of glass. She developed materials and gave several "Children's tour" of the museum during convention.

The children then went on to making rock candy, which just like glass, needs the correct ingredients fired at the correct temperature to create a product. Yuum!

September 1, 2013: Involving the next generation....

One of the highlights of 2013 NDGA Convention was the participation by guest author Barbara Mauzy. She presented a session titled "Passing on the Passion" on Saturday and repeated on Sunday. Barbara also wrote a book "Child of the Great Depression" (ISBN #0985967870).

Are you a depression glass collector? Have you had trouble getting your children mauzy-book or grandchildren to appreciate depression glass and its significance in American history. Well here is the perfect resource for the young reader. Written and illustrated by well known glass author Barbara Mauzy, this book will help young new collectors to appreciate the significance of depression glass; what was the Great Depression, why did it happen, how does the glassware relate to the times, etc... That and much more is included in this great new book designed specifically for the young collector. Your purchase of this book helps to support The National Depression Glass Association and The National Glass Museum.

Remember, the holidays are coming. Contact Pam Meyer to order your copy, and perhaps a second one as a gift.


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