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Jewelry Items

The NDGA National Glass Museum for the past year or so has been taking broken pieces of glass collected from dealers at shows or just items that we find that have been damaged beyond use and turning them into pendants or earrings. The shards ae used by cutting and polishing the ends and then wrapping them in wire and producing quality items of jewelry for resale to the public. Each item produced is a one of a kind because of shape and size. In some cases, we are handed a piece of glass by a collector and asked to have a pendant and earrings made. The remaining of the glass is then donated for additional items that we may sell for the museum.

Many items can be purchased from the Gift Shop at the museum. Jewelry items along with many other items are often available at glass shows and sales throughout the country.

Check out the pictures below. Send an email to to inquire if the item is still available.

Preserve the past with one-of-a-kind jewelry!.

More Coming Soon!

SOLD: Duncan Miller Vaseline Pendant w/heavy silver overlay ($85)

SOLD: Jade-ite Fire King Refrig Lid w/Philbe design ($65)

SOLD:Cobalt Royal Lace Pendant w/heavy silver overlay ($60)

SOLD:Ruby Fostoria Heirloom w/fancy wire work ($70)

SOLD:White Rose from lid of royal Ruby Cig. Box 14 K G.F. ($114)

SOLD:Vaseline Opalescent Swirl Pendant w/sterling overlay ($55)

SOLD:Triple Steuben w/3ct Citrine in 14K G.T. Pendant ($300)

SOLD: Crystal Heisey Signed Pendant w/heavy silver overlay ($125)

Fancy Cherry Blossom Pendant w/heavy silver overlay ($75)

SOLD:Pink Miss America Pendant ($36)

SOLD:Pink Miss America Earrings ($45)

SOLD: Cobalt Royal Lace Pendant ($38)

SOLD: Cobalt Royal lace Earrings ($40)

SOLD: Green Morgantown Pendant ($40)

SOLD: Green Morgantown Earrings ($50)

SOLD: Pink Morgantown Elizabeth Pendant ($38)

SOLD: Pink Morgantown Elizabeth Earrings ($50)

SOLD:Blue Capri Pendant ($38)

SOLD:Blue Capri Earrings ($40)

Green Sandwich Simple Pendant ($36)

Green Sandwich Simple Earrings ($40)