Jade-ite: Fenton's #1700 Lincoln Inn Pattern

by Uni and Keith Marbutt
Glass Review - February 1986

Fenton introduced their No. 1700 Lincoln Inn pattern in 1928. This extensive dinnerware service proved popular enough to be produced for several years. Among its numerous color runs was "Translucent Jade", an elegant and serene green.

Lincoln Inn Ad A 1929 trade paper advertising this set and other Fenton items stated:

"A beautiful line of Tableware, flower bowls, Baskets, Vases, Candlesticks, Nymph sets, Vanity sets, Guest sets, Console sets and Novelties in exclusive colors, designs and decorations."
"Translucent Jade, Rich Ruby, Deep Royal Blue, Ebony Black, Victoria Blue and Green, Velva Rose and Aquamarine have proven fine selling colors and will add to your prestige and profit."

Compared to other dinnerware lines, Lincoln Inn is relatively large. Besides an extensive place setting, a number of serving pieces and accessories were offered. We questioned Mr. Frank Fenton, chairman of the board, Fenton Art Glass Company, about the size of the set and whether they were all produced at the same time. He replied, "My best guess is that Jade Green items were sometimes offered in a grouping with other items being added to the grouping if the line proved to be popular."

We also wondered if all the items produced were available in Jade. Mr. Fenton explained that their only form of product/color lists came from their year end inventories, and though the Lincoln Inn was first made in 1927, no colors are distinguished between the glass thst is listed until 1931, so " ... it would not be safe to assume that all of the 1700 Lincoln Inn items that are listed were produced in Jade".

Jade items first showing up on the 1931 inventory list are: cups, saucers, sherbet, goblet, sugar, cream, ice teas, finger bowls and plates, tumblers, wines, cocktails, shallow cupped comport and shallow cupped bowl. Added to the list in 1932: cereal bowl, 8" and 13" plates. The 1933 list added the 10" and 12" plates.

In reference to the advertised listing, Mr. Fenton added, "We have no indication that the 5-piece ashtray, ashtray, relish, handled bonbons or 10" footed vase were made in Jade. No record of it anywhere that would prove it. The only thing I can suggest is that if you have found a piece in Jade, then we made it."

Keep Mr. Fenton's last sentence in mind as "Unlisted" Jade salt and pepper shakers are displayed in the Fenton Museum. He also feels sure that the 46 oz. pitcher was made and we are aware of the handled olive dish.

On the open market this line is pretty scarce individually and virtually unheard of in a "set". Of course, with such a beautiful glass as this, those who have it tend to keep it - and we don't blame them!

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