Heisey "Puritan" Items

by Virginia Scott
Glass Review - November 1983

Heisey Puritan items In this article I will discuss some Heisey items which are somewhat difficult to identify. These appeared in Heisey ads of the 1940's and early 1950's.

The simple, rather plain pieces at the top of our illustration are items of Heisey's No. 1489 "Puritan" pattern which was introduced in 1937 and made until Heisey went out of business in 1957. It should be noted here that the name "Puritan" was used for two Heisey patterns. The first use of the name was in 1904 for the No. 341 pattern. This pattern later became known as "Williamsburg". The second time the name was used was for the pattern shown here. This later "Puritan" was mainly a line of smoking items (ashtrays, cigarette boxes), barware bottles and accessory pieces (flower bowls, candleholders and a few miscellaneous pieces).

"Puritan" is well-named. The glass is very high quality and the design is simple but elegant Pieces are often ground and highly polished. Most items are not marked with the Heisey "Diamond H" trademark. Collectors may have trouble identifying "Puritan" because it is similar to plain patterns made by other companies.

Puritan smoking items consist of oblong and square ashtrays and covered cigarette boxes. On a list I have, cigarette boxes are listed in 4" square and 6" oblong sizes. Some boxes had plain, beveled lids while others were decorated. Both the 4" and 6" boxes often had what Heisey called "Toy Horse Heads" applied to the lids (No. 7). Another version had a "colt" or "sitting pony". This style is rare and hard to find. A 4½" square ashtray with a toy horse head in the center was made to go with the boxes. Plain Puritan ashtrays were made in 2½", 4", 4½", 4¾", 6" and 7" square and 6¾" oblong size (No. 11).

No. 1 shows the 24 oz. Rye bottle. Another bar item is the Bitters Bottle, No. 7. A square stopper was sometimes added to the Bitters Bottle to make a cologne bottle. Another bottle was the oil and vinegar or French dressing bottle, no. 8. Some of these were plain while others had the etching.

Square and oblong Puritan floral bowls were made in 8", x 10", 11" and 14" sizes. No. 4 shows a Camellia bowl and No. 3 shows a Gardenia bowl with two candle blocks. Prices for these, around 1943 were $5 for the Camellia bowl and $10.50 for the set These were high at that time. A 2" candle block is a solid piece of glass with a hole in the center while a 4" one looks like an ash tray with a candle cup. A Hurricane lamp was made from a "Hurricane Block" fitted with a 10" globe. Interestingly, the sides of this block seem to slope into the center rather than out as the other blocks do. No. 2 shows a 7" square candy box and cover with a square knob.

The remaining items on our illustration would be difficult to recognize as Heisey. No. 10 is a 10" crystal bowl fitted into a circular wooden base which has a wire "perch", according to the ad, for the wooden serving fork and spoon. The wire also seems to make legs for the base.

No. 12 is a Heisey Hostess Helper set. This consists of a large "Saturn" bowl and has a smaller center bowl for sauce. Three removable glass cups fit into wire frames which hook over the side of the bowl. These cups hold toothpicks.

The set in No. 13 would be particularly difficult to recognize as Heisey I think. It has a wooden tray with metal trim. There are wire holders for the glasses. There also seem to be wire legs and handles on the tray. These last three sets were shown in a Heisey ad entitled "Let's Go Shopping For Gifts In Glass". This ad appeared in April, 1953 and also featured items in "Williamsburg", "Heisey Rose" and "Waverly". Other items on the full page were the Heisey Rooster Shaker and Cocktails and an elegant Heisey Epergne.