Duncan's Chantilly

by Gail Krause
Glass Review - November 1983

Chantilly - this was one of the loveliest of all the rock crystal cuttings produced at the Duncan & Miller glass plant in Washington, PA. It was one of the coordinated patterns used in their Ensemble plan that the factory introduced in 1937. Chantilly, however was not introduced until 1940.

Gorham Silver Company used their "Chantilly" sterling silverware with Duncan's crystal to create a perfect combination and it proved highly successful for both companies. Young couples liked the idea of selecting a pattern that was considered "open stock" and being able to start with the most frequently used pieces. Later the goblets, bowls and candlesticks could be purchased and a complete pattern would be acquired for lifetime use.

Chantilly was cut on several blanks, mostly Canterbury No. 115, but the torte plate was on No. 30½, the high comport and flower bowl were used on a No. 8 blank. We found 8½" salad plates but so far haven't seen cups and saucers. A full line of stemware completed this pattern.

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