Decorated Candlewick - Part VII - Miscellaneous Decorations

by Virginia Scott
Glass Review - September 1983

Assorted Candlewick items CANDLEWICK AND WOOD

Imperial often put out special "Bulletin Pages" between their catalog pages to announce new items that were being introduced. A bulletin page of about 1943 shows three items which combine Candlewick glass with wooden handles (no. 1). The items are three different styles of tid-bit sets. 400/18TB 3-Hi Snack Rack (a), joins three sizes of Candlewick nappies, probably 5", 6" and 7" sizes, while 400/17TB is a 2-Deck Bon Bon of two nappies. 400/73TB, also shown in a 1943 ad, uses flat plates joined with a maple handle.

No. 2 is from a 1947 ad in House Beautiful shopping pages. It shows a 10" Candlewick salad bowl and servers on a 15" birchwood tray. A wooden tray has also been reported with a 400/20 Punch bowl and cups. Some of the trays have been marked "Keystoneware-Handmade Woodcraft". Just recently a collector sent a picture of 400/109 individual salt and pepper set with round wooden tops. She found these with a wooden relish tray which, she said, "opened up like an accordion". There were places for sauce jars but these were missing.


We have mentioned that most Candlewick is clear crystal. A few pieces have been found in opaque glass. It is known that Imperial made the 400/750 Nested 3-piece Tid Bit Set, No. 3, in Milk glass. This set consists of a 400/172 4½" Mint Heart, a 400/173 5½" Nut Heart and a 400/174 6½" Bon Bon Heart. Imperial gave the milk glass set the number 1950/750. Milk glass plates and a footed covered jar which resembles Candlewick have been reported but have not been authenticated as Candlewick. A round Candlewick ashtray has also been reported.

Several reports of Caramel Slag Candlewick have been made. A large handled plate, 5½" and 7" handled plates and a round ashtray have been found by Ohio collectors. The 1776 Eagle ashtray, No. 7 has been found in Pigeon Blood Slag. None of these have been shown in any of the Imperial catalogs that I have.

The 400/550 Nested ashtray set with patriotic design is shown in No. 4. This set, made during World War II, is difficult to find and is prized by collectors. It consists of 400/440 4" blue ashtray with a "V" (or Victory and stars; a yellow 400/133 5" ashtray with shield and stars and a 400/150 6" pink ashtray with eagle and stars.


Illustrations 5 through 10 show eagle items made by Imperial. Actually, these items are not Candlewick but since the catalogs show them used with and in Candlewick they have been "adopted" by Candlewick collectors. The eagle ashtray, mirror and picture frame, No. 5, 6 and 7, are made from the i776 mold. The ashtray has been found in crystal, in frosted with crystal combination, in turquoise blue and in slag glass, as mentioned above. The ashtray was shown in an early 1940's ad with the 400/44 Candlewick cigarette holder which has small beads around the base. Earlier ashtrays were plain in the bottom, later ones have stars. The 1966A Imperial catalog shows the ashtray and a "goblet style" footed cigarette jar with eagle decoration on the side (not Candlewick) offered in turquoise blue.

The Imperial Eagle candle adapter and Eagle ornament were patented in 1942. The candle adapter was designed with a "peg" to fit into the candleholder and had a candle socket in the back (see No. 10 sketch). The adapter is shown in catalogs in several single Candlewick candleholders, including 400/79R, 400/80, 400/81 and 400/155, No. 10, as well as 400/100 double holder.

The Eagle ornament was designed to fit into the column bookends, No. 9, and in candleholders but it did not have a candle socket Bookends, which are not Candlewick, were made in crystal and in gold-trimmed Black Suede bases with burnished gold eagles. Lalique-finished eagles (probably frosted) were also mentioned in an Imperial ad. The ornament is shown in No. 8 in the flat 3-lite 400/115 candleholder.