Decorated Candlewick - Part II - More Gold Decorations

by Virginia Scott
Glass Review - March 1983

In my last article I discussed Candlewick items which were Gold Trimmed Candlewick completely encrusted or plated with gold. Space did not permit mention of some other pieces found with gold decorations. These seem to fall loosely into three categories: gold bands, gold designs and gold beading.

Several collectors have found Candlewick boudoir items, powder jars and perfume bottles which have wide flower-etched bands encrusted with gold. The band covers the round part of the lid or body of the piece. One set shows a wide etched band placed between narrow gold bands. The neck of the perfume and wafer at the base of the finial on the lid are also gold while beads around the bottom and the finials are clear.

It has been authenticated by Imperial Glass Company that Candlewick boudoir sets were made in the early 1940's for Irving Rice Company, New York. The sets are not shown in any Candlewick catalog. but ads for them are in several Better Homes and Gardens magazines. Our illustration, No. 1, is from the July, 1944 issue and shows a set of puff box and two perfume bottles on a 400/151 tray which has a mirror. Probably the puff box was a 400/19 sherbet or dessert dish fitted with a 3-bead lid. The bottles were probably adapted from the 400/27 Ball Bud vase to which a 4-bead ground stopper was added.

Mary Wetzel, Candlewick researcher and author sent a picture of a lovely 3400 9" goblet with an etched gold top band. Narrow gold bands appear underneath the wide band and around the foot while the entire body of the goblet has a very fancy etched design. This goblet has the Type I stem in which the beads seem to flow or blend together and are not separated by wafers (no. 2).

Two very beautiful buffet sets with gold decoration have been reported by collectors. One set is the 400/9266B (no. 3) which consists of a 400/920 14" plate and a 400/66B early style compote, no beads in the stem. This set has a gold design of two very realistic roses with leaves (no. 3, top) which is repeated three times around the plate. The other buffet set is 400/94 consisting of a 400/92D plate and a 400/84 6½" divided bowl. Six gold-encrusted designs are spaced around the plate (no. 4, right) while the bowl has four.

The designs are etched tulips and daisies and small gold flowers extend from each design toward the rim and center of the plate. Nothing is known about the origin of these sets, whether the design was put on by Imperial or of the date they were made. I think It is safe to guess that other such sets are out there somewhere and will turn up someday.

Candlewick with gold beads seems to be fairly plentiful. It is believed that gold beads were put on in the 1940's. No gold beads are mentioned in Candlewick catalogs, but a 1948 Imperial brochure entitled "Imperial Candlewick Gifts. Hand Fired, Bright Gold Decorated" is in Imperial files. This brochure shows sets of eight different small Candlewick items packaged in transparent plastic packages, square, oblong or cylindrical boxes. Square boxes, no. 6 and no. 9, held eight 400/19 salt dips or two sets of 400/109 individual salt and pepper shakers. Cylindrical or tube boxes, no. 8, were used for sets of four 400/440 or 400/19 ashtrays or eight 400/64 individual ashtrays. Oblong boxes were packed with four 400/176 square ashtrays or eight 400/78 coasters (no. 7) or 400/61 2" salt dips.

Quite a few other pieces with gold beads have been reported. These include cups and saucers, 400/37; cigarette boxes (no. 5, right) and oblong ashtrays; 400/29/30 cream, sugar and tray sets; an early style 400/1112 relish and dressing set with 400/89 jar; 400/89 marmalade set (no. 5) and many bowls.