Fostoria's "Our American States"

by Roserita Ziegler
Glass Review - January 1982

The "Our American States" collectible glass plates made in the 1970's by West Virginia plate Fostoria Glass Company were planned to honor all of the great states of this nation. The plates were designed by Marvin Yutsey and the master molds fashioned by Jon Saffell.

The beautifully handcrafted round plates measure nine inches. The borders are sculptured and the detailed motif etched to enhance the beauty of the design. Included in the pattern is the date the state entered the Union and on most can be found the state motto, tree, flower and bird. Unfortunately, the plates do not carry a Fostoria trademark.

The exquisite beauty of the first three plates in the series offered in Fostoria plates 1971-72 can be seen in the photo (at right): New York, Ohio and California. These plates retailed for $12.50. Found in a 1973 catalog reprint are the five state plates that were available that year: Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida and Hawaii. The Michigan state plate was introduced in 1973. The series was never completed. In 1975 with the destruction of the molds for the West Virginia plate, pictured above left, the series was terminated.

Each plate was appropriately gift boxed and carried an explanatory pamphlet. Quoted from the New York state plate brochure:

"New York is one of a series of Fostoria crystal plates commemorating the great states that make up America. In June 1972 the molds for this edition will be destroyed. and you will own a collector's item ... acquiring the entire series will become the goal of both connoisseurs of Americana and those who prize distinguished possessions."