"Fontaine" on Twilite

by Fred Bickenheuser
Glass Review - November 1981

Fontaine goblet This very fine etched design was produced from 1924-1931 by Factory 'R' (Tiffin Glass, Tiffin, Ohio) of the U.S. Glass Company. The goblet is shown in the picture at right. It was produced in over 40 pieces in crystal with green trim, all twilite, all rose or twilite with crystal trim, and crystal with amber trim. May I take a moment to explain that last sentence. When Tiffin Glass Company advertised a piece as being "All Rose" it would tell the buyer the piece of glassware was all one color, "Rose." When they spoke about a piece being "Rose, with a crystal trim," it would mean (as an example a goblet) the bowl of the goblet would be rose with a crystal stem and foot. In the example of a Jug, the body of the jug would be Rose, the handle, base and knob on the cover would be crystal.

Fontaine closeup A closeup of the pattern on the goblet bowl is shown at left. Tiffin Glass was one of the first tableware manufacturers to produce Twilite. This color dates from the early l920's. The Tiffin Glass Company named this color "Twilite" because the piece of glassware would actually change color when taken from natural to incandescent lighting. For this reason Twilite is very difficult to photograph. The pieces of Twilite produced in the early 1920's are a shade lighter in color than Twilight produced in the 1950's. In order to differentiate the two colors the manufacturer has modified the spelling.

The subject of this article was suggested by Mr. Ed Trindle, a depression glass collector and dealer. He said, "This pattern is starting show up at DG shows and no one knows anything about the pattern.

It is again my pleasure to document another collectable pattern of the Depression Era. Many previously undocumented patterns can be found in Book II TIFFIN GLASSMASTERS.

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