1930 Census of 50 West Virginia Glasshouses

by Steve Jennings
Glass Review - September 1981

Listed below are fifty glass companies that were operating in the year 1930 in West Virginia. This list is shared by Steve Jennings, of Jennings' Red Barn, New Martinsville, WV.

Name of CompanyW.V. CityType of Glass Product(s)
Adamston Flat Glass Co.ClarksburgPlate & Window
Akro Agate Co.ClarksburgMarbles
Alley Glass Co.St. Mary's Marbles
American Thermos Botttle Co.HuntingtonGlass Pistons
Ball BrothersHuntingtonFruit Jars
Beaumont Co.MorgantownTableware, Illuminating ware
Bishoff Sons & Co.CullodenLamp chinmey, Novelties
Bishoff Sons & Co.HurricaneIlluminating ware
Blenko Glass Co.MiltonOff-hand & sheet
Borchart Glass Co.WestonCut & Etched
Bridgeport Lamp Chimney Co. BridgeportLamp & Chimney
Cameron Glass Co.CameronLamp & Chimney
Central Glass WorksWheelingTable Glass
Commonwealth Glass Co.FairmontOpal Glass
Crescent Glass Co.WellsburgNovelty
Dunbar Flint Glass Co.DunbarTable Glass
Eagle Convex Glass Co.Clarksburg Bent & Convex
Earl, Shelby GlassHuntingtonCommunion glasses
Erskine Glass Co.WellsburgIlluminating ware
Fenton Art Glass Co.WilliamstownColored ware
Fostoria Glass Co.MoundsvilleColored ware
Globe Glass DecoratingWellsburgDecorated glass
Hazel AtlasClarksburgTableware
Hazel AtlasGraftonContainers
Lawrence Glass Co.SistersvilleMarbles & Novelllee
Louie Glass Co.WestonTable Ware
Master MarbleClarksburgMarbles & Novelties
McBride Glass Co.E. SalemTableware
McBride Glass Co.W. Salem Lamp & Chimney
MidAtlantlc Glass Co.LambertonStemware
Monongahela Valley Cut Glass Co.MorgantownStem & tableware
Morgantown Glass Works MorgantownTableware
New Martinsville Glass Co.New MartinsvilleTableware
Paden City Glass Co.Paden CityCrystal & Colored
ParamountSt. MarysStemware
Perfection Glass Co.Star City Illuminating ware
Pressed PrismSabraton Pressed Glass
Quality Glass ???Illuminating ware
Ravenswood NoveltyRavenswoodMarbles
St. Albans Glass Co.St. AlbansLamp & Chimney
Scohy Glass Co.SistersvilleWindow Glass
Scott Depot Glass Co.Scott DepotLamps & Chimney
Sellaro & MartinStar City Tableware
Seneca Glass Co.Morgantown Tableware
West Fork Cut GlassSalemCut Glass
W.V. Specialty Glass WestonTableware
Wheeling Decorating Co.WheelingChina & Glass
White & BarberClarksburgNovelties
WeissmachPaden City Sheet Glass