Duncan's Radiance Pattern

by Gail Krause
Glass Review - September 1979

In this day of rising costs and a shorter supply of cash, we are concentrating on the best buy for our pocket book. I, for one, am sometimes amazed at the spiraling cost of both new and older articles of antiques, glass, collectibles and almost all items bought today. This brings to my attention several ads that I found Duncan & Miller had placed back in 1937.

There were a series of five specials, which were advertised for wedding gifts, anniversary and special occasions.

  1. Radiance 14" torte plate. It was listed in colors of crystal, amber, green or sapphire blue. These were packed three dozen to a barrel of one color only, and the regular retail was $2.00 each. Special price 60¢ to wholesalers.
  2. Three piece Console set. This set was not etched or cut and consisted of a pair of 5" candleholders and flared oval bowl. This set sold for $l.75 wholesale. Crystal only, Candelabra available to match set.
  3. Ad for 15 piece special Same as the above 3 pieces except they were listed in ad as colored amber or sapphire blue. These were later made in ebony, cobalt and ruby. The price on these were higher $4.49 retail. The wholesale on this was a mere $2.50.
  4. This consisted of the 3 piece set in the previous ad, but they were cut in various patterns. Prices slightly higher for this ensemble.
  5. This consisted of a 15-piece luncheon set, No. 113 Radiance (pictured at right).
    • 4 Salad plates
    • 4 Cups
    • 4 Saucers
    • Sugar & Creamer
    • 14" Torte Plate
    This retailed for the fantastic price of $7.00 per set and was wholesaled to the stores for $2.10. These came in four colors: crystal, amber, green and sapphire blue.

Other items made in the Radiance pattern consisted of vases, candlesticks, ash trays, 8", 9" and 12" bowls, punch sets and also some blown water pitchers, 12 and 14 ounce ice tea glasses, 10 ounce tumblers, 7 ounce old fashioned glass, 5 ounce orange juice, two sizes of rose bowls (9" and 6" were available). Yellow, pink and blue opalescent pitcher sets were made in the early forties. We have seen several of the opalescent sets at the recent Duncan Glass Show in Washington, PA, and a lovely cobalt blue that was magnificent. The number made in Cobalt was limited as were the opalescent. It certainly verifies the fact that regardless of price, Duncan & Miller made The Loveliest Glassware in America.

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