Heisey Animals

by Clarence W. Vogel
Glass Review - July 1979

The seven animals made hy Heisey which are shown in this group constitute the most expensive ones to the collector. They are expensive because they are rare. In order of rarity they are: Flying Horse, Goose wings down, Airedale, Pheasant, Horse Head Book end, with the two geese wings up and half up coming in last.

Pegasus The Flying Horse (Pegasus) (shown at right) and the Airedale are normally marked with the Diamond H, The remainder are seldom marked. Those made by Imperial from Heisey molds are almost always marked. The Horse Heed book end is never marked, The one shown has been dipped in acid, giving it the Satin finish popular with some collectors. However, I find that the clear glass animal, are more beautiful because they will reflect more light. It is the sparkle from the light which shows off the animal features.

The prices indicated are for today. A year fram today they can be much higher. Heisey animals increase faster in price than most other Heisey products. A few of the animals which were made in prolific quantities are not apt to change substantially over the next year.

The Flying Horse was the most difficult of all to make. The current price ($3,000) reflects the rarity of the piece. Few of the many, after being pulled from the mould, would retain their shape. I was advised by one Heisey official that only 11 good anins were made during one turn. All of the others had to be thrown away. Very few turns were made of the Flying Horse.

Horsehead Bookend
Horsehead Bookend - $100
Airedale - $500
Goose wings down
Goose (wings down) - $325
Pheasant - $125
Goose wings half
Goose (wings half up) - $90
Goose wings up
Goose (wings up) - $100