Cambridge Bird Flower Frogs

by David & Joy McFadden, Frank & Vicki Wollenhaupt
Glass Review - June 1978

Cambridge produced several flower frogs depicting types of birds. The first of these was the Eagle flower frog, which we discussed in last month's article.

In the early 30's (see NCC 1930-34 Catalog Reprint page J) Cambridge introduced the 12 inch Heron flower frog, which is catalog number 1111 (top left photo at end of this article). You will note there is a lot of detail on the figure and the marsh grass in which he is standing.

In the latter part of the 1930s, Cambridge introduced a smaller version of the Heron (photo top right) which is catalog number 1136. He stands 9 inches tall and lacks much of the detail of the larger Heron.

To date, both sizes of the Heron have been seen in crystal only, however a 1949 catalog supplement pictures the 9 inch Heron in milk glass and the catalog number is W119.

The Blue Jay flower frog, introduced in the late 1930s, is catalog number 1137 and he stands 5½ inches tall (photo bottom left). To date, most have been seen in crystal, however the writers have seen ONE in moonlight blue.

You may find the Blue Jay figure with a peg (catalog number 1636) instead of the flower frog base (see Welker Catalog Reprint No. 2, page 27). It was made to be used as a decorative item in a candleholder and can be found in crystal, Emerald (dark) Green and Mandarin Gold.

The Seagull, also introduced in the 1930s, is catalog number 1138 and is 8½ inches tall (photo bottom right). To date he has been seen in crystal only. Imperial reissued the Seagull in the early 1960s from the original Cambridge mold, with the ribbed base, in crystal only. Available information indicates that it was only in the line for a short period of time.

[Editor's NOTE: The McFaddens and the Wollenhaupts are active members in the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. of Cambridge, Ohio. David McFadden is project chairman; Joy McFadden and Vicki Wollenhaput are in charge of the 1978 Convention display and Frank Wollenhaupt has been on the Board of Directors since 1974.]

Large Heron Small Heron
Blue Jay Seagull