Fostoria Heirloom

by Hugh Buzzard
Glass Review - March 1978

Fostoria advertised it as, "Fine Giftware with Fashion Flair." This opalescent line was an entirely different kind of glassware, as the color blendings were unique. It was made, like handmade antique glass, from 1959 thru 1970. Thus the name, "Heirloom," for this group of "free-form" shapes.

It is interesting to note that the vases got their elongated shapes from "swinging." This method is much the same as twirling a baton. The 1002/833 - 18" vase and the 1002/834 - 20" and 24" vases were swung from a spooner in the No. 1229 Frisco Line. (The Frisco Line was a pattern produced from 1903 thru 1905.) The 1515/827 - 11" vase was swung from the tumbler and the 1229/757 - 6" bud vase was swung from the toothpick holder in the same pattern.

Colors Produced:

Production dates of Heirloom Pieces: Heirloom pattern