A Review of Reproductions & Reissues

by Barbara Shaeffer
Glass Review - February 1978

Depression glass collecting didn't hit its stride until 1970. Before that time not much was known about the various patterns - especially names and which glass company produced the pattern. With the pioneer research efforts of Hazel Marie Weatherman collectors could now advertise which pattern they were looking for. Since then Sandy Stout and Gene Florence have added much information via books and articles, newspapers and magazines devoted to depression glass have appeared, clubs formed and shows specializing in depression era glass are in most states. Conventions have even been held to bring together collectors and dealers of the colored glassware made during the 20's and 30's.

Most collectors doubted reproductions of the originally mass produced, machine made glass would be attempted. But popularity has seen reproductions and reissues. The following list has been compiled from material printed previously in the pages of Glass Review:

1969 - Indiana Glass Company reissued their "Sandwich" pattern in red. Items were 8" plates, 10" plates, cup/saucer, 68 oz. pitcher, 9 oz. goblet, sugar/cream, 13" serving platter, center handle server (metal handle) wine set consisting of 10" decanter/8 wine goblets/tray and 8½" candy jar/cover (this item is the Duncan & Miller Sandwich mold) [see RR June'76].

1969 - Indiana Glass Company reissued their "Sandwich" pattern in crystal from Duncan & Miller molds. Items were 10" celery tray, 9 oz stemmed goblet, 5 oz stemmed sherbet, 3 oz stemmed wine/cocktail, 8" salad plate, 16" torte plate, 7" 2-compartment relish, footed sugar and creamer, 13" footed cake stand, 8½" covered candy jar, 12" deviled egg plate, 12" 2-handled plate, 7 oz old fashion, 12 oz footed ice tea, 6 oz cup, 10" salad bowl, 12" 2 piece Epergne set, 3 piece mayo set, 10" relish, 9 oz tumbler, 13 oz ice tea, 2 piece cheese and cracker set, ¼ lb. butter dish, 12" crimped flower bowl, 4" candlestick, 14" 4-compartment dish, 5½" 2-part w/handle dish, 5½" crimped candy comport. (Most of these were being made as late as 1976) [see RR Jan. and July, 1976]

1970 - Indiana Glass Company reissued their "Sandwich" pattern in golden amber for the Tiara Home Party Plan. Items: 8" plate, 10" plate, cup/saucer, 68 oz pitcher, 9 oz goblet, sugar/creamer, 10" decanter, wine goblets, round tray, 13" serving platter, 7" plate, snack set of oval tray with cup, 3 oz footed juice, 12 oz footed tumbler, footed sherbet, salt/pepper set, butter/cover, celery tray, handled basket, berry set of 8" bowl and 4 nappies, 6" deep nappy, puff box/cover, 3 piece tiered ensemble (stacked boxes), 4 piece bridge set ashtrays, large ashtray, low candleholders, footed console bowl, glo lamp, 16" sandwich platter (made from Duncan & Miller mold). Still in production as late as 1976. [see RR Nov.'75 and June'76]

1972 - Indiana Glass Company made exclusively for Montgomery Ward's 100th Anniversary 16 items in Duncan & Miller's "Sandwich" pattern. Colors were Horizon Blue, Lime green and Sunset (an amberina like color of gold and red shading). Items: 9 oz goblet, 3 oz wine, 5 oz sherbet, 8" plate, 16" torte plate, cup/saucer, sugar and creamer, 13" cake stand, 10" salad or fruit bowl, 8½" covered candy jar, 12" deviled egg plate, 4" candlesticks, 5" 2-compartment relish, 10" 4-compartment relish. [see RR Aug'76]

1973 - Child's "Cherry Blossom" cup in pink. A child's "Cherry Blossom" butter dish (not made originally). The butter dishes have been made in darkish pink, cobalt blue, pale green and orangish iridescent. [see RR Aug.'73]

1975 - Nine crystal items of "Baltimore Pear" was reissued by Jeanette Glass Company from their original molds. A small "H" was added to the mold to show it is a reproduction. [see RR June,1975]

1976 - Federal Glass Company reissued their "Madrid" pattern under the name of Recollection Glass. They made all new molds and added "76" to each item they made: 11" plate, 8 oz cup, 6" saucer, 7½" soup bowl, 8¼" salad plate, 10" oval vegetable bowl, 9½" square vegetable bowl, 2 piece butter dish. A 20 piece starter set was $20, bowls and butter dish $6. [see RR Dec.'75]

1976 - Indiana Glass Company reissued the "Sweet Pear" (also known as Avocado) pitcher and tumblers in dark pink, dark lemon and deep amethyst. [see RR Nov. '75]

1976 - Indiana Glass Company reissued their "Sandwich" pattern in a limited (15,000 sets) edition in Colonial Blue in honor of the Bi-Centennial. Sold only through Tiara Home Party plan. Assortment A: 4 sherbets, 4 goblets, celery tray, 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates selling for $59.90; Assortment B: butter and cover, salt and pepper, pitcher, console bowl (hat shaped), sugar and creamer for $59.90; Assortment C: 4 tumblers (ftd), 4 ftd juice glasses, 1 berry set bowl and 4 desserts, 1 8-piece snack set for $59.90. An 11-piece wine set (decanter, stopper, 8 stemmed wines on a round tray) was not for sale but offered if you hosted a party. [see RR June,July '76]