Rainbow Review changes name to Glass Review

by Barbara Shaeffer
Glass Review - January 1978

Happy New Year! What a pleasure it is for Ben and me to start the new year with a brand new "look." Trust you like it. The newly designed cover AND the shortened name combine to show the casual reader that we are ALL GLASS and up to date on the Rainbowl Review logoGlass Review logocollecting trends in the field of glass. Do you know that: we are the ONLY magazine devoted exclusively to glass? (There aren't even any newspapers that are strictly glass!) We will miss the "rainbow" part of our old name (Rainbow Review Glass Journal) but four words is really much too long a name for what we are. When a collector goes to the library to look up glass information they will never find us buried under the "Rs" so we have made it easier all the way around. Hope you all agree. So Glass Review it is. Of course, don't be surprised if it takes awhile to drop the RRGJ name from our envelopes, stationery and promotional materials.