Imperial's "Candlewick" Candlesticks

by Virginia Scott
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - December 1977

As was reported in my November article, I visited Imperial Glass Corporation in August. The purpose of my visit was to look through the old Candlewick catalogs and other Candlewick materials there. In this article, I would like to discuss and illustrate some of the Candlewick candleholders.

Twenty-nine different candleholders are itemized on the list of around 400 Candlewick items that was sent to me by Imperial when I was writing my booklet, Imperial Candlewick. As a result of my examination of the Candlewick catalogs, I have been able to identify almost all of those candleholders and to add a few more to the list.

Several types of candleholders have been made by Imperial in the Candlewick pattern. These include at least ten styles of single holders, one twin holder, two 3-light holders, nine "flower candleholders" and ten hurricane lamps.

Candlewick itemsThe 400/100 twin candleholder and the two styles of 3-light holders are shown at left. Single candleholders and flower candleholders are illustrated on the composite page at the end of this article. Hurricane lamps will be shown in a future article.

[The numbers in parentheses in the following paragraphs refer to the illustrations of Imperial candlesticks at the end of this article.]

Three styles of single candleholders are shown in the earliest Candlewick catalog: 400/80 (No. 1), 400/81 (No. 5) and the Mushroom holder (No. 2). The 400/79R (No. 3) rolled holder has been made since the early 1940s and is the only Candlewick holder shown in the 1977 Imperial Catalog. 400/80 was discontinued in 1976. The other single holders were made for shorter lengths of time. 400/175 tall candleholder (No. 6) may also be found with the patented Candlewick Candle Adapter and prisms.

Flower candleholders were designed to hold a candle and a small flower arrangement around it. Notice that the stemmed flower candleholders 400/66C and F (Nos. 19 & 20) appear to be 400/40C and F (Nos. 12 & 13) atop a two bead stem. The Flower Candle Centerpiece (No. 18) becomes the Candlewick Epergne when the Epergne Lily, a large peg vase, is added. In illustration No. 21, the 400/40C flower candleholder (No. 13) is shown with the 400/40V miniature vase. The miniature vase was designed to fit all flower candleholders. Small stemmed epergnes could be obtained by adding the miniature vase to 400/66C and F (Nos. 19 & 20).

Candlewick items