Federal Glass items - Where are they?

by Jim Bloesser
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - November 1976

Federal Glass Company was one of the Big Three when it came to producing a number of patterns with dinner plates. The number was 11. Federal shows some consistent, predictable behavior in the market they Normandie cup/saucer chose to enter.

The one dominant color synonymous with Federal DG is amber. Six of the 11 patterns came in abundance in amber. Amber was Federal's haven of no-competition since they were the only consistent producers of this color. Diana, Madrid, Mayfair, Normandie, Patrician, Rosemary and Sharon are all amber patterns that today's collector has a good chance of finding.

Federal's big set is Madrid, with 42 pieces in amber. The smallest set would be crystal Heritage with 10 pieces. Federal also entered the market with their carnival Normandie (shown at right). This seem, to have been another area of no-competition from other companies. There were other iridescents, but none comparable to the Federal process.

Pink seems to be a color that Federal tried to avoid making, maybe just enough to say they produced pink. Normandie, Diana and Sharon are the only really good prospects for finding a really usable set. 0thers could be tried, such as Patrician, Rosemary and Madrid, but chances of finding any usable set are not so good.

Federal also entered the blue market with their icy blue Madrid. Their only competition here was Hocking's blue Mayfair. The supply of this blue seems small, so fortunately the present demand is not great. But the prices are usually set as if there were a big demand.

Sharon butter Madrid pitcher Except for Heritage and possibly Diana, crystal patterns seem to be limited from Federal. Madrid and Patrician would be the next best possibilities. Also don't look for any yellow from Federal.

Green only from Federal came in such patterns as Georgian and Parrot. Georgian is available and so is Parrot if you have a large wallet. Green is also available in such patterns as Madrid, Patrician and Sharon, with some searching.

Federal was fairly consistent in adding salt and peppers and butter dishes to their sets. Seven of the11 sets have salt and peppers, hard though they may be to find. Five of the 11 have butter dishes, with pink Sharon (shown at left) probably the easiest to find.

A general statement can also be made about what is in short supply (and big demand) from Federal. Tumblers, pitchers, sugar lids, and salt and peppers fall into this category. Tumblers were made for 10 of the 11 sets, but don't be so optimistic to think you will run out and find a bunch or Mayfairs, or Dianas in any color.

Pitchers were made for 5 of the sets, but hardly anyone will find a green Sharon, while he will most likely find an amber Madrid (at right). Seven of the 11 sets can be rated as "no pitcher" or "next to impossible."

Like the other companies, Federal has its predictabilities with what can be found and what will prove hard to find.