Montgomery Ward's Sandwich

by Virginia Scott
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - August 1976

In 1972 Montgomery Ward Company commemorated their 100th year in business with a Centennial Celebration, "Century 2". Many special Ward's Sandwich offers were featured in their Century 2 Spring and Summer catalog. One interesting offer was a special issue of colored glassware in "Star and Scroll" Sandwich pattern. This glassware was produced by Indiana Glass Company, a subsidiary of Lancaster-Colony Corporation, for Colony, Pitman-Dreitzer Division.

Montgomery Ward Sandwich was offered in sixteen items and in three colors, "Horizon Blue", "Lime Green" and "Sunset" (an amberina-like color with shadings of gold and red). Each Sandwich item bore a special tag which stated that the glassware was "Authentic Sandwich Glass" and "A Montgomery Ward Exclusive". On the catalog page showing the glassware, it was stated, "This medallion identifies Ward's offer of authentic reproductions of table accessories, each recreated from original moulds of The Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, glassmaker for America from 1825 to 1888". It was also stated that the glass was handcrafted and that the offer was limited to the time of the anniversary celebration.

When I was planning this series on the Sandwich patterns I wrote to Indiana Glass Company and asked about the use of the Duncan & Miller Sandwich pattern molds which Indiana had acquired in the 1960's. I also inquired about the Montgomery Ward issue of Sandwich pattern. My letter was answered by Arthur L. Harshman, Assistant to the President, Indiana Glass Co. Mr Harshman stated, "The Sandwich line offered by Colony is made from the original Duncan & Miller moulds. This is the line sold by Colony to Montgomery Ward".

In view of the Montgomery Ward statement that their Sandwich line was "recreated from original moulds of the Boston and Sandwich Glass Co." it should be noted here that nowhere have I been able to find a claim by Duncan & Miller that their Sandwich pattern molds were "original" Boston and Sandwich Glass Co. molds. One Duncan advertisement stated, "Duncan's Sandwich pattern takes its inspiration from the products of the famous old Cape Cod glass makers". Another ad announced, "Duncan's Sandwich pattern is the modern reproduction of one of the most famous of the Early American Sandwich designs". Probably the most specific statement was in the ad which stated, "Deming Jarves made pieces like these in the Cape Cod Village of Sandwich. To make the Duncan molds, his star-and-scroll design ... was carved by hand in solid steel, just as it was at Sandwich. From these true-to-the-original mold come these lovely gifts".

The following is a listing of the pieces made by Colony for Wards:

9oz goblet 3oz wine 5 oz sherbet 8" plate
16" Torte plate cup and saucer sugar and creamer 13" cake stand
10" salad or fruit bowl 8½" covered candy jar 12" deviled egg plate 4" candlesticks
5" 2-compartment relish 10" 4-compartment relish