Miss America

by Glenita Stearns
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - July 1976

The Hocking Glass Company produced this pattern in the mid-thirties, and it was as popular then as it is now.

Miss America platterOver the years I have heard many stories about the~ the first piece of MISS AMERICA a collector found came from. One collector had four 4-part relish dishes all left over from a premium offer by a spice company her husband had worked for in the thirties. One, as a young bride, had collected hers piece by piece from the "dime store" -- each payday spending a nickle or two and she still treasures the set she so painstakingly put together.

Montgomery Ward advertised MISS AMERICA as an Early American Hobnail design with a sunburst pressed in the bottom. In 1934, a 16 piece set, in either crystal or rose, was $1.19. This set consisted of four 8½" plates, four saucers, and cups and four tumblers. The ad says the fooled tumblers are 5 3/8" tall.

The Larkin Company had MISS AMERICA available that year too. They were advertising a much larger set - 34 pieces, a service for six. The plates were 10" size, the small bowls were advertised as "fruit saucers" and the sugar and creamer set, platter and open vegetable bowl are included. This set was much more expensive than the smaller set advertised by Montgomery Ward -- $5.50.