New Martinsville's "Janice" Pattern

by Everett & Addie Miller
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - April 1975

Janice catalog page The "Janice" pattern was introduced in 1926 in crystal. In later years, most of the etched patterns were used on this pattern, such as:

"Janice" was also used for their cuttings and frosted glass. As colors became popular, this pattern became a standard bearer and may be found in these colors:

This is perhaps a sleeper to be found on today's market place. The quality of the glass and color is equal to the best, very attractive, and lovely to own. This RUBY color is breathtaking, exquisite and cannot be denied - collect all you can!

This is New Martinsville's 4500 Line. About 65 pieces were made, such as: bowls, plates, cups and saucers, salt and peppers, baskets, swans, bon-bons, relishes, ivy balls, candlesticks, condiment sets, cruets, jam jar sets, guest sets, sherbets and goblets. No water pitchers or tumblers are shown in any catalogs. Be on the lookout - these items may surface.

The pattern was discontinued in 1970. The Silver City Decorating Company of Meridian, Connecticut, purchased large quantities of this pattern and even today one can find a few pieces in department stores decorated with gold and silver overlay.

For complete information on the Janice pattern, a new book The New Martinsville Glass Story Book 2 (1920-1950) is just off the press. It also covers other popular patterns made by the New Martinsville Glass Company - Viking Glass Co. that are highly collectible today.