Heisey Candlesticks

by Clarence W. Vogel
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - April 1975

Represented on the picture page (at right) reprinted from a Heisey catalog of about 1936 vintage are thirteen candlesticks made by Heisey. The picture shows about 10% of the total number of candle pieces made by the Heisey Glass Company.

Heisey Candlesticks Candle pieces were made in many sizes from 2 inches high to about 2 feet high. The smallest one made is shown as number 31, Handled Toy Candlestick. The largest, not shown, is the five-light candelabrum 25" in height. The largest ones were very popular in the early part of the twentieth century whereas the smaller sizes became more popular in later years.

Candlesticks were made in many patterns and all of the major pattern groups possessed one or sometimes three and even four types of candle pieces. Shown in the picture are two items in the No. 1445 Grape pattern. These have been seen in clear and in acid (Camphor) finish. Also shown are three examples in the No. 1469 Ridgeleigh pattern. There are three others in this pattern not shown with this article. The Ridgeleigh pattern was a very popular pattern prior to WW II and during the war. It is probably because of this popularity that Heisey had as many as six designs made in it.

Candle pieces were made in single light, double light, triple light, four light and five light. Over the years the double light was probably the most popular size. The single candlestick runs a close second.

Many of the candle pieces were made to take bobeche and prisms. These enhance the beauty of the display, especially when accompanied with a matching floral bowl. However, when the complete candle pieces are found, the matching floral bowl is missing in most cases.

A few of the many candle pieces were made in color. In our collection will be found candle sticks in the following colors: flamingo, Moon Gleam, Sahara, Dawn, Cobalt, Limelight, Alexandrite, Hawthorne and Amber. The amber may have been a trial or experimental item. In our collection is a pair of candlesticks in Gold color known to be experimental. We have seen candlesticks also in light blue and Marigold.

(Editor's note: This article from Mr Vogel was sent from Florida where he is recuperating after being hospitalized in late January. May the Florida sunshine help him to "bounce back" to a speedy recovery.)