The First National Depression Glass Conference

by Barbara Shaeffer, Editor
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - November 1974

The First National Depression Glass Conference met in Decatur, Georgia, July 27, 1974. The conference was held at the Decatur Federal Savings Building Skyroom following a buffet dinner hosted by the Southern Depression Glass Collectors Club. A Green ADAM candy dish was the special door prize awarded to Mrs. Evelyn Knowles of Hallendale, Florida following the dinner.

At the business session, matters concerned with planning a NATIONAL DEPRESSION GLASS CONVENTION for 1975 were discussed. The Conference made decisions as reported in the following, after the acceptance of an agenda for the meeting, voting procedures, and the reelection of Jerry Monarch as chairman for the Conference.

The Convention will be held in the Washington, DC, area hosted by the Del Mar Va Depression Glass Club. It will be held on a weekend consisting of two days, being Saturday and Sunday, with the exact date to be announcad by the Del Mar Va Club before Decomber 1, 1974.

The following needs are so be included in the arrangements when executed by the Del Mar Va group:

  1. Camping facilities should be available.
  2. A show and sale to be held in conjunction with the Convention either in individual rooms of a motel or in a meeting hall.
  3. A meeting hall should be available for Convention meetings.
  4. Convention Meetings to include a business session to plan future Conventions, workshops conducted by glass authorities snd authors, a social gathering such as a dinner or buffet.
  5. Tours of the Glass Manufacturers to be arranged, if possible.
  6. Efforts to be made to inform the general public on the subject of Depression Era Glassware.
  7. Further suggestions should be forwarded directly to the Del Mar Va club.
  8. One method of financing the Convention to be by registration fees.

The Conference elected Nora Koch to be the General Manager to act as a clearing house for all future information relating to the Convention. Nora is to be in touch with a qualified person to receive information on the legal requirements for holding a Convention in the State of Maryland.