by Barbara Shaeffer
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - August 1974

Moderntone piecesThe Hazel Atlas Glass Company of Clarksville, WV, produced this pattern during the 1930s. It was made in crystal, cobalt and burgundy (a deep amethyst). The cobalt color was the leftover tanks of blue glass from General Mills' cancelled order of Shirley Temple items.

A complete set of dishes can be found in Moderntone. An unusual feature of this pattern is that the sugar and butter dish lids were made of metal instead of glass.

Several pieces of cobalt with a white sailboat motif have been found. The official name of this line is called "White Ship."

An opaque white color called "Platonite" was made up until the 1940s. The "Platonite" line also came with fired-on colors of solid blue, pink, yellow, green and salmon. The line was made until the 1940s. Sometimes the "Platonite" can be found with bands of color, scenes, flowers or figures fired-on.

There was also a "Little Hostess Party Set" for children, made up in mixed pastel colors and produced as late as the 1950s.

Suggested prices: Dinner plate: $1.50-2.50; cup and saucer set: $3.50-5.00; cream soup: $2.00-4.00; platter: $5.00-6.00; sugar: $2.50-5.00; creamer: $2.50-4.50; butter dish: $20.00-30.00; salt & pepper (pair): $10.00-15.00; sherbet: $2.00-4.50.