Surprise! It's Fostoria's Orchid

by Glenita Stearns
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - June 1974

Fostoria Orchid A telephone query from a friend "I found these goblets with Orchids on them. What do you think they are?" She described the glass as very fine, with a nice ring. Perhaps the Heisey Orchid? From her description of the single blossom, I had to say no I didn't think so. Perhaps if could see one of them.

So a few days later she arrived with her treasure. And left with out knowing what she owned. She left me one to admire and search for, and I puzzled over books and old periodicals for days. It was obviously quality, the beautifully detailed orchid carved into eggshell thin crystal. A perfectly plain stem and foot five rings on the base of the bowl. But made by who? And when? And could she hope to add to her five goblets and three wines?

Months went by. I sent home the elusive goblet but never forgot it. Attending glass shows along the coast, I searched tables and I asked questions. But never received any more than a funny look or an uncaring, "It must be Heisey's." I was baffled.

The eight pieces of stemware had been consigned to the top shelf of a cupboard and neglected for over a year. One day I was browsing through a 1941 magazine and thought I saw something familiar. But by Fostoria? We had already decided it couldn't be. I passed on to the next magazine. Then I went back and looked again. Could it be? I called my friend, and she said she would try and remember to bring it over next time she came. Two or three visits went by, and then, at spring cleaning time, the goblets were unearthed again, and one was again brought over for examination.

It had to be! The stem, the five rings, it was all there Now at least we knew what we were looking for. Though not yet where to find it. We are still hunting for more pieces in this pattern, so far to no avail. But "Orchids" by Fostoria has become a treasure in at least one glass collection.