Collecting Caprice by Cambridge

by Glenita Stearns
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - October 1973

One of the most collectible patterns produced by the Cambridge Glass Company is their lovely "Caprice." An advertisement from American Home of November, 1941, states: "You can choose from more than 150 stock pieces in Crystal, Moonlight Blue or La Rosa pink." And it was "Modestly Priced."

Caprice ad The variety of pieces available to the diligent collector is outstanding. Plates, cups and saucers, and sherbets, to start your set off, should be almost readily available. And adding the other pieces will be a challenge.

Imagine your delight when you discover the decanter. And if six 2 oz. tumblers are with it, you will have the seven piece set as originally sold. There was also manufactured, 4 other tumblers, 4 sizes of footed tumblers, a 10 oz. goblet, 4½ oz. claret, 3½ oz. cocktail and a 3 oz. wine. Two sizes of sherbets were made, and a seafood cocktail. A whole cupboard full of stemware. And three sizes of jugs. All beautiful.

The lovely cream and sugar set came in two sizes and could be purchased with or without a tray. The larger set fit onto 9" oval tray, and the individual size fits on a small tray that looks very much like two coasters stuck together.

A variety was available in salt & pepper sets, too. Three shapes, with or without trays, and as part of a condiment set. All are attractive, whether they are the short round ones, taller with glass or chrome lids, or the attractive "skirt" shape. Of course, you would also want an oil & vinegar set to go with your salt & peppers. These also fit on an oval tray.

Many variations on the Caprice pattern are found. The 13" shallow bowl is occasionally seen with a silver deposit pattern, marked "Sterling." Pieces were made in Caprice Alpine, which has alternate plain and frosted sections on the pattern. A rare addition to a collection of Caprice would be a piece in amethyst. A few pieces were made in milk glass, with the 4½" vase most often seen in this.

Caprice is a challenging pattern to collect. Its dozens of charming pieces, compotes, covered candy dishes, cigarette boxes, all are delightful. A collection of Caprice would be a delight to own and use, and a joy to admire in your china cabinet.