Figure Flower Holder #509 - Two Kids

by Wanda Huffman
Rainbow Review Glass Journal - March 1973

The "Two Kids" #509 Figure Flower Frog Holder is 8¾ inches tall. The Two Kids may also come in a taller size but I haven't been able to find one. The Two Kids No. 509 comes in crystal clear, crystal frosted, apple green, peachblo pink and sapphire blue and possibly Two Kidss Crown Tuscan and other opaque colors but I do not have proof of these colors as yet. If anyone has these colors, I would be happy to have a picture to document the proof for future collectors.

First let's just look at this figure. He is a flower holder as he stands on a base 1¼ inches high with ten evenly spaced holes in the base, going through to the bottom. Turning him upside down, the center is hollow up to where the kids are attached and some letters read Patented and some numbers which seem to have been fire polished until they are no longer legible. I have seen others where the numbers are legible but don't remember what they were. A search of the patent office would tell us their age but we know they were made in the forties and early fifties. If someone has one with the numbers legible I will be happy to look it up. Just send the number to Rainbow Review (or to me).

Three tiny little hobnails of glass form legs for the base to set on in a bowl. The base slopes upward for another ¼ inch, then another base extends up for approximately ½ inch. Looking from the back at center, there is a tree stump reaching up to mid thigh. The one kid (child) seems to be steadying himself against the tree trunk, a little grass shows at the base, a mold mark runs up the right leg just a little off center toward the middle and continues up the right buttock on up to center back and over the center of his head. As you are still looking from the back, you can see the side of the head of the other Kid (goat).

Now turn him around facing you. The Kid (child) has his arms around the Kid (goat) at about the shoulders and under the front legs; the kid legs extend up over the child's left arm. The Kid (goat) is stretched out the length of the child from a little above shoulder height to mid-calf of the child where he seems to be touching a mound of grass at center.

The clarity of this glass is beautiful as all Cambridge glass seems to be. The child is looking down into the face of the Kid with eyes, nose and mouth well defined. He has a hairdo similar to the young lads of today, a little longer with turned up ends and covering the forehead.

Now as time marches on, if you are alert you will find the Two Kids standing on a shelf in someone's home or in an Antique and Collectible shop just waiting for you to make him yours and take him home.