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NDGA Memorial Pitcher Collection

A new Collection for the NDGA Museum
by Danny Cornelius

Remembering our children, after the recent loss of a good friend's granddaughter and the loss of other children, and grandchildren of friends I slarted thinking of ways to always have our lost loved ones with us. A way that they would always be remembered. I thought about forming a collection for the museum in their honor. After many hours of phone calls working on details we came up with an idea. It gave us great pleasure to announce the "Pitcher Collection, Established in Memory of Our Lost Children".

The major question, Why Pitchers? Well, what better way to describe our children? They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. We decided that Sunday morning at Washburn's San Antonio Glass Show in February, 2009, we would initiate this collection. In an intense and tear sprinkled ceremony, the Collection of pitchers were accepted both in memory and honor of individuals.

The first pitcher donated by Glen and Carolyn Robinson was a blue Aunt Polly Pitcher in memory of their granddaughter, Rachael Gleason. The area was set with two six foot tables to hold what was being donated. It wasn't enough. Bill and Millie Downey, show promoters of the Sanlando Glass Show in Sanford Florida, donated a Fenton Coin Dot Pitcher in amber with hand painting, followed by a Shawnee pitcher of "Little Boo Peep" donated by Larry and Brooke Newton, in memory of Rachael Gleason.

The first honorary pitchers were donated by Kent Washburn, Danny Cornebus and Don Jones, a Garfield Drape pitcher in recognition of their starting this collection, plus a Kansas pitcher and a painted tulip pitcher for Linda Bredengerd and Sarah Van Dalsem respectively for their work with the National Collection by Kent Washburn. Jack Peacock donated a pitcher with matching tumblers and challenged others to do the same. Local San Antonio dealer Jean Paris was so moved that she rushed back to her booth during the presentations an added a Ruby pitcher in Honor of her grandson, Jackson Teague Paris.

Brent Washburn lightened the mood with a humorous presentation of a signed pitcher which was really a creamer that he had lifted from Kent's booth and had signed himself. On a serious note, he presented a cut and signed Tiffin pitcher from Kent's family in Honor of Kent's retirement from promoting the San Antonio Show. In keeping with the humor of the moment, Lucky Waska donated a National Star pitcher in honor of Kent allowing animals into his show over the years.

What a way to start a collection, I feel that this was only the beginning to what will be one of the largest collections for our future museum. We're looking forward to working with the Acquisition Committee and others on this project that has touched the hearts of so many. Don and I travel across the country doing shows and are looking forward to seeing you and accepting any pitcher for thc collection. Any Officer or Board Member of NDGA will also be more than happy to accept pitchers for the collection as well.

Here is the current list (April 2011) of pitchers in the NDGA Memorial Pitcher Collection, in PDF® format so that it can be easily printed.