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Wizard of Oz
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1939 Movie Poster
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NDGA 2010 Convention Information

July 10-11, 2010

The 2010 Convention Chairman was Linda Bredengerd, and the sponsoring organization was the Wichita Glass Gazers. The Convention was held at the Century II Exhibition Hall, located on Highway 54 in downtown Wichita, Kansas.

With the setting being Kansas, the theme for this year's Convention centered around the "Wizard of Oz." There were Oz-some displays, and even a few characters from the movie. Click on the small photo at right to see the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion in a larger clip.

Schedule of Events

The show and sale opened with Early Bird admissions at 8:00am Saturday morning. Early Bird admission is at a premium, while General admission to the Convention, Show and Sale began at 10:00am.

Featured Authors

Our guest authors were Joanne and Earl Autenreith who introduced their new book: Cooperative Flint Glass Co. of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 1879-1934. This book has been eagerly awaited by dealers and collectors alike as it fills a definite void of information on this subject. The Autenreith's presented a seminar on this subject and hosted a display table featuring some fabulous pieces of Cooperative Flint Glass.

Seminars and Speakers

Joanne and Earl Autenreith - Cooperative Flint Glass Co.
Jim and Leora Leasure - Old Morgantown Glass
Larry Baker - Candy Jars/Boxes -- Look-alikes and Confusables
Philip Hopper - Hocking Lamps
Myrna Garrison - Imperial's Private Mold Customers
Jennifer Smith - Children's Seminar

National Glass Organizations

The NDGA encourages all of the National Glass Organizations to participate in the NDGA Convention, and this year we had tables set up for the National Cambridge Collectors, Morgantown Collectors Guild, Fostoria Glass Society, Anchor-Hocking Museum, National Heisey Museum and the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia. There was also a table for the Peach State Depression Glass Club.

NDGA Annual Meeting

The Annual General Membership Meeting was held in conjunction with the Convention. It began at 5:30pm on Saturday. The newly elected officers and Board members were introduced at this time, and all committee chairpersons presented their reports to the membership present. During the meeting, Sarah & David Van Dalsem and Linda Bredengerd gave a book of Stock Certificates from Imperial Glass Company to Bev Harris of the Heart of America Glass Club, to be delivered to the Imperial Museum.. It was given "in Memory of Bob and Honor of Myrna Garrison." They said in the presentation that they thought the book of Stock Certificates was more important to the Imperial Museum than it would be to the NDGA future museum.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction in Wichita was a rip-roaring success. The purpose of the auction is to raise money for the National Glass Collection. Members contribute various pieces of glass or other items, to be sold in the silent auction, with the proceeds going to one of the several NDGA funds (the person donating the item chooses where the money is to go). Melissa Leslie and her Committee delivered the most successful Silent Auction yet.

Glass Displays

Each year at the Convention, collectors share their personal collections of glass and pottery with the rest of us. It is often the only opportunity that we have to see some of the rare and unusual items that are in private collections.

This year, the folks who worked on the Convention produced the finest array of displays that has ever been seen at an NDGA Convention. There were SEVENTY-TWO displays of glass and pottery from private collections, not just from the Wichita area, but literally from all over the United States. The huge Century II facility accomodated all of the displays and the 32 dealers with plenty of space for all. The members of the Wichita Glass Gazers club deserve a huge THANK YOU from all of us who attended the Convention in 2010.

Here is a listing of all of the displays, each with one or more photographs. Click on the small photo to see a larger version. Some displays simply could not be shown in only a single photo. As you can tell from the pictures, this was an amazing array of glass for everyone to enjoy.

1 Cambridge Swans Pam & Fred Meyer
2 Misc. Swans Bert & Donna Kennedy
3 New Martinsville Swans Bert & Donna Kennedy
4 Fostoria Swans Bert & Donna Kennedy
5 More Misc. Swans Bert & Donna Kennedy
6 Cambridge Apple Blossom Sadie Franks
7 Royal Lace Dennis & Mary Lou Doris
8 Fostoria Pelicans Melissa Leslie
9 Cambridge Crown Tuscan Freeman & Jeannie Moore
10 Kopp, Consolidated, Phoenix Kay McCollum
11 Tiffin Jack Peacock
12 Mushrooms & Eggs Lee Spalding
13 Reverse 44 US Glass Sandy Walker
14 Duncan Miller Fred & Nita Eldridge
15 Waterford Waffle Philip & Barb Hopper
16 Morgantown Jim & Leora Leasure
17 Stemware Linda Adams & Helen Jones
18 Glass Hats Lee Spalding
19 Rosepoint Esther Mitchell
20 Seneca Driftwood Sandy Walker
21 Morgantown Krinkle Bert Kennedy
22 Julian's Dolphins Memorial National Glass Collection
23 Dolphins Carol McEwen
24 Old Colony John & Dovie Fields
25 Southern Lady Linens Cina Shirley
26 Swanky Swigs Donovan Schmidt
27 McKee/Jeannette Ed & Carol Staley
28 Glass Forks & Spoons Carol McEwen
29 Glass Knives John & Marcy Bredengerd
30 Sapphire Blue Oven Ware Dale & Betty Buersmeyer
31 Napkin Dolls Margaret Davis
32 Reamers Richard Winne
33 Green Perfumes & Powders Linda Bredengerd
34 Amber Perfumes & Powders Linda Bredengerd
35 Beaded Block Mary Lou Moreland
36 Azure June Scott & Jennifer Smith
37 Green Sunflower Linda Bredengerd
38 Green Cameo Scott & Jennifer Smith
39 Green Lorraine Pam Meyer
40 Crystal Florentine Friends of NDGA
41 Green Bubble Janis McDonald
42 Heisey Lafayette Jim & Margaret Davis
43 Fiesta/Franciscan Ivy Angie Hilt
44 Franciscan Ivy Max Hamilton
45 Figural Flower Frogs Fred Ray
46 Fostoria American Ruby Melissa Leslie
47 Harker Cameo Pam Meyer
48 LuRay Pastels Shirley & Art Moore
49 Opalescent Blue Hobnail Angie Hilt
50 Indiana Center Handle Servers Dean Lowry
51 American Sweetheart Donovan Schmidt
52 Shell Pink Pam Meyer
53 Miss America Lisa Allton
54 Roseville Water Lily Fred Meyer
55 Adam Vicki Churchman
56 Hull Open Rose Melissa Leslie
57 Manhattan Shelly Abels
58 Floragold Jody Chrapkowski
59 Fenton Burmese & Carnival Jean Spalding
60 Early American Bread Plates Don Jones
61 Franciscan Porcelain Max Hamilton
62 Childrens & Miniatures Multiple Contributors
63 Viking Birds Amanda Parmenter age 23
64 Glass Animals Addison Powell age 7
65 Viking Horoscope Mushrooms Emily Burlingame age 20
66 Waterford “Waffle” Elizabeth Fields age 12
67 Ultramarine Swirl Jonathan Fields age 13
68 Ruby Red Glass Becca Wagoner age 9
69 Moderntone Amethyst Holly Fields age 12
70 Blue Bubble Kelly Billups age 20
71 Paramount Antique Mall Wichita, KS
72 Andover Antique Mall Wichita, KS
  Cooperative Flint Glass Joanne & Earl Autenreith

List of Participating Dealers

Here is the list of dealers who brought their finest glass for sale during the Convention in Wichita. The NDGA extends thanks to all of them.

Linda & David Adams
Las Vegas, NV
Helen & Gene Allen
Overland Park, KS
Rick Bakkum
Buffalo, MO
Dale & Betty Buersmeyer
Pacific, MO
Jim & Joyce Coverston
Front Royal, VA
Jim & Rose Curnett
Western Springs, IL
D. Cornelius & D. Jones
Port Washington, OH
Pat & Sharon Ervin
Sycamore, IL
John & Dovie Fields
Independence, MO
Eric & Jaye Fralick
Overland Park, KS
Bob & Pam Franscella
Gurnee, IL
Bruce Goldberg
Greenwood Village, CO
Bob & Helen Jones
Berkeley Springs, WV
Bert & Donna Kennedy
Mesquite, TX
James & Leora Leasure
Eighty Four, PA
Carol McEwen
Wichita, KS
Ray & Paula Mahoney
Wethersfield, CT
Max Miller
Houston, TX
Esther Mitchell
Little Rock, AR
Joyce Nicoletti
Goodman, MO
Jack Peacock
Winston-Salem, NC
Matt & Marissa Peacock
Winston-Salem, NC
Fred D. Ray
Wichita, KS
Penny Reed
Des Moines, IA
Glen & Carolyn Robinson
York, SC
John & Jane Schleinzer
Aurora, IL
Stan & Diane Sewall
Poughkeepsie, NY
Lee & Jean Spalding
Wichita, KS
Kent Washburn
San Antonio, TX
Len & Enid Waska
Flatonia, TX
Janet Wasson
Highland, IN
Michael & Leegh Wyse
Albany, OR
Wichita Glass Gazers
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