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1985 Convention - Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland, Florida, was the home of the eleventh Annual NDGA Convention on July 13-14, 1985. The facility was the Lakeland Huntly Inn. Show Chairman was Pat Pierce. The keynote speaker for the Saturday night banquet was Mark Nye.

Seminars and Speakers

There were three seminars presented at Lakeland. The speakers and their topics were:

Glass and Pottery Displays

The displays included Cambridge "Apple Blossom", Heisey "Zircon", "Royal Lace" in both green and blue, Fostoria's "Baroque" in yellow and blue, Butter dishes, McKee "Rock Crystal", pink "Cameo", animals, "Flower Garden and Butterfly" black candlesticks, and several more. If anyone has photographs from this event and would be willing to share them, please contact the

List of Participating Dealers

The following are the dealers who participated in the eleventh Annual Convention in Lakeland, Florida:

Adt, Bill and Barbara FL
Allen, Helen and Gene MO
Balcer, Bill and Kramer, Dan IL
Berry, Madalyn FL
Bine, Judy and John MO
Boone, Sandra IL
Boyt, Helen Hudson IA
Burkos, Gloria PA
Canine, Barbara and Byron IN
Charles. Diane and Norman IN
Christensen, Otis and Ouida FL
Clark, Phyliss and Jerry MO
Duke, Doris TX
Ervin, Pat and Shirley IL
Everett, Glen and Louise WA
Graff, Shirley OH
Gschwend, Helen IL
Hartsock, Shirley MD
Key, Gwyn and Calvin KY
Knowles, Evelyn and John FL
Kiley, Kevin NJ
Kitchen, Lorrie and Tucker, Dan OH
Lewis, Tom and Carroll FL
Mellin, C.F. FL
Miller, Max TX
Ols, Arlyn and Leonard OH
Pugliese, Hank and Debbie PA
Rogers, Don and Jane MO
Sanders, Janet VA
Schliesmann, Mark and JoAnn WI
Sclafani, Eunice and Frank FL
Scott, John and Peggy MO
Scull, Jean FL
Sionakides George MI
Spencer, Dick and Pat IL
Solito, Florence CT
Stultz, Kathy and Bud VA
Upham, Jay and Donna MI
Woods, Anita TX
Zimmerman, Mel and Ruth VA