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1976 Convention - Oklahoma City, OK

The Second Annual NDGA Convention was held in Oklahoma City, OK, on July 16 - 18, 1976. The Co-Chairman of the Convention were John and Ginger Jones. The Convention was sponsored by the Oklahoma Depression Era Club, and the Convention was also the first glass show sponsored by the club.

The Convention featured a "Get Acquainted Breakfast", hosted by Joe Brooks of the Oklahoma Depression Era Club, and on Saturday evening, a Country & Western Dance with "The Southerners" providing the music.

Seminars and Speakers

There were four seminars all presented on Saturday. They were:

The Convention also featured the following guest authors:

Glass and Pottery Displays

The program for the Convention in Oklahoma City does not have a list of the displays or the folks who presented them. There are also no photographs that we know of which show the displays at the Second Annual Convention. If anyone has photographs from this event, please email the and we can arrange to have the photographs scanned into a computer and then loaded to the web site.

List of Participating Dealers

There were 34 dealers who set up to sell glass at the Oklahoma City Convention in 1976. There were dealers from the east coast (Virginia & Maryland), all the way to Colorado, and from Michigan to Texas. Here is the list:

Dealer City & State       Dealer City & State
Tita Campbell Beverly, KS       Ruth Parks Winnekah, OK
Wanda White & Nell Nelson Ft. Worth, TX       Ardeth Lowe Joplin, MO
Arlene Harty Barrington, NH       Arlene M. Showalter Doylestown, OH
Gerald Barnett & Harold Shaw Springfield, IL       Iris Slayton Groves, TX
Richard Kellar Dauphin, PA       Nelda Brewer Bruleson, TX
Bud Jennings Kansas City, MO       Kathy & Alan Stultz Richmond, VA
Elwood Gary Wheaton, MD       Trudy Miller Dallas, TX
Eric Fralick Dodge City, KS       A. Atwood Kansas City, MO
Pat & Sue McGrain Spokane, MO       Johana Anderton Kansas City, MO
Winona Fletcher Clinton, TN       Flo Holland Kansas City, KS
Virginia Collins St. Ann, MO       Mildred Jones Keller, TX
Eileen Kimey Houston, TX       Joy Naill Pearland, TX
W. & L. Cunningham O'Fallen, MO       Julian & Carol McEwen Wichita, KS
Tammy & Joe Brooks Oklahoma City, OK       Dominic Donacquista Roseville, MI
Edna & Bob Hicks Oklahoma City, OK       J. G. Allen Dallas, TX
Shirley Kahut & Sue Lee Oklahoma City, OK       Judi Rossi Thornton, CO
Ruth & Russ Singleton and
Bob & Barbara Jones
Oklahoma City, OK       Shirley & Austin Hartsock Mt. Airy, MD