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We currently do not have access to all issues of the News & Views. As time permits, we will add more articles to the list below and will attempt to include other articles of interest to members.

Not every issue of the News & Views contained articles that will be reproduced on this web site. Many issues contained only reports from glass shows or club meetings, and many contained reviews of that year's Convention or articles leading up to the Convention. Such articles have not been transferred to the web site. Most of the articles that will be posted here are related to glass companies, glass patterns or glass manufacture. Occasionally you'll find an article related to depression-era pottery as well.

Note that some of the articles from the earlier issues were relatively short. At the time, the newsletter was small and most likely was intentionally kept that way to reduce postage costs. If an article had accompanying pictures (black and white, of course), they will be transferred to the web article if the copy is at all legible. In some cases, we have augmented the articles with a more recent color photo.

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Here are the articles which have been transferred to the web so far:

Issue Date Author Title of Article
--- 1983 Articles ---
February 1983 Helen Allen Crocheted Crystal
September 1983 Debbie Pugliese Complimentary Patterns
October 1983 Mark Nye Cambridge Caprice
--- 1984 Articles ---
January 1984 Bill Horton Co-Operative Flint Glass
March 1984 Helen Allen A Look Back In Time ... Wish Book
--- 1985 Articles ---
February 1985 Helen Allen Sears, Roebuck & Co. in the 1930s
May 1985 B. J. Kersey Imperial Moulds Sold
July/August 1985 NDGA Planning Committee NDGA Long Range Plan
September 1985 Depression Glass Journal History of Alladin & Alladin Lamps
October 1985 Gene Loveland Collecting Akro Agate
Oct 1985 through Apr 1986 Mark Nye Through the Depression Era
--- 1986 Articles ---
September 1986 Virgie Ott Amethyst Tulip
--- 1987 Articles ---
March 1987 Aneita Ayers DG Museum to Open
July/August 1987 Bill & Phyllis Smith Duncan's Sandwich
--- 1988 Articles ---
July/August 1988 Les Stewart Children's Glassware of the Depression Era
--- 1989 Articles ---
--- 1990 Articles ---
September 1990 Dan Kramer The Sunkist Connection
--- 1991 Articles ---
March 1991 Shirley Moore LuRay Pastels
October 1991 Joy Lomax Paden City Glass: Color, Form and Mystery
--- 1992 Articles ---
February 1992 Dan Kramer Fostoria COIN Glass
May 1992 Joyce Nichols Collectible Glassware from the 40s, 50s and 60s
June 1992 Anita Wood The Mechanics of Glass Manufacture
November 1992 Fern Angus Fire King Dinnerware
--- 1993 Articles ---
--- 1994 Articles ---
February 1994 Cheryl Kevish Pink Adam in 1994: Bring More $ When You Shop!
March 1994 Joyce Nichols Red Glass - Beautiful Collecting
March 1994 Rebecca Bryson Salt Cellars
March 1994 Cheryl Kevish In Appreciation of Pink American Sweetheart
April 1994 Kathleen & Pat Ervin Fantasies in Flight: Glass Birds of the Depression Era
April 1994 Cheryl Kevish In Appreciation of Pink Dogwood
May 1994 Cheryl Kevish In Appreciation of Amber Madrid
June 1994 Frank M. Fenton Does Vaseline Glass Contain Uranium?
June 1994 Cheryl Kevish In Appreciation of Pink Sharon
July/August 1994 Cheryl Kevish In Appreciation of Cobalt Blue Royal Lace
September 1994 Cheryl Kevish In Appreciation of Green Cameo
October 1994 Cheryl Kevish In Appreciation of Pink Mayfair
--- 1995 Articles ---
February 1995 Verona Greenawalt Hall Teapots - Part I
March 1995 Verona Greenawalt Hall Teapots - Part II
March 1995 Johanna S. Billings Old Colony not the only lace edge Depression glass - Part I
April 1995 Johanna S. Billings Old Colony not the only lace edge Depression glass - Part II
June 1995 Carol Perry Fiesta Ware - America's colorful classic
June 1995 Les Stewart Can Most Anyone Afford to Collect Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era?
--- 1996 Articles ---
--- 1997 Articles ---
March 1997 Debbie Coe Turn-of-the-Century Glass Factories made Pattern Glass Tableware
April 1997 Doug Foland Florence Figurines
May 1997 Jeff Settell Reproduction Cherry Blossom Pattern Depression Glass
November 1997 Carole Bess White Weatherman Leaves Legacy of Books on "Candy Glass"
--- 1998 Articles ---
April 1998 Linda Gordy That Car-shaped Teapot, if you have one, is a GEM
September 1998 Cliff McNeil Love Affair with a "Flying Lady"
October 1998 Cliff McNeil Black Beauties
December 1998 Larry Baker It's Tiffin
--- 1999 Articles ---
March 1999 Joyce Nichols Crow's Foot Pattern
May 1999 Joyce Nichols Hobnail Patterns
June 1999 Joyce Nichols Cameo: "Ballerina" or "Dancing Girl" Pattern
June 1999 Myrna Garrison A Dealer's Dilemma
or the Price of a Candlewick Muddler
July/August 1999 Joyce Nichols Mayfair or "Open Rose"
September 1999 Joyce Nichols Royal Lace by Hazel-Atlas
October 1999 Joyce Nichols Willow Glassware Pattern by Duncan
November 1999 Joyce Nichols Federal's Colonial Fluted or "Rope" (1928-33)
December 1999 Ann Adams The Green "Fairy" Glass - Central's MORGAN
--- 2000 Articles ---
February 2000 Joyce Nichols Tulip - Dell Glass Company
March 2000 Joyce Nichols Red Riding Hood Pottery (1943-57) - Hull Pottery Co.
April 2000 Joyce Nichols Harp (1954-1957) - Jeanette Glass Co.
May 2000 Joyce Nichols Federal's Madrid Pattern (1932-39)
June 2000 Joyce Nichols Indiana's Horseshoe pattern (1930-33)
Sept/Oct/Nov 2000 Joyce Nichols Hocking's Mayfair or Open Rose (1931-37)
Sept/Oct/Nov 2000 Mark A. Roeder Successful Antiques Collecting
(Is it Wise to Purchase Damaged Antiques & Collectibles?)
--- 2001 Articles ---
--- 2002 Articles ---
--- 2003 Articles ---
September/October 2003 Leonette Walls The Joy of Wallowing in Willow
November/December 2003 David Adams Distinguishing Reproductions
A Discussion about SEAMS
November/December 2003 Rogene Clements Some Thoughts on ADAM
--- 2004 Articles ---
May/June 2004 David Adams Is there Uranium in My Depression Glass?
July/August 2004 Bert Kennedy Is It Duncan?
November/December 2004 Dick Ladd Blue Royal Lace
November/December 2004 Bert Kennedy & William Walker New Martinsville/Viking Glass Animals
--- 2005 Articles ---
January/February 2005 Bert Kennedy Morgantown Golf Ball
January/February 2005 Bert Kennedy Venus
May/June 2005 David Adams Shopping for Glass on eBay
(Or Why I Like Glass Shows)
--- 2006 Articles ---
January/February 2006 Dean Lowry Indiana Soda Fountain
March/April 2006 Dick Ladd Morgantown Continental Line
May/June 2006 Dean Lowry Mystery Resolved – Only Time Will Tell
May/June 2006 Dick Ladd Indiana Tea Room
July/August 2006 Dean Lowry Indiana's Number 608
July/August 2006 Dolores Kuhnert Collecting: Hobby Or Addiction?
November/December 2006 Dean Lowry Crystal Madrid
November/December 2006 Dean Lowry New Martinsville's Number 45 Vase
--- 2007 Articles ---
January/February 2007 - D.C. Jenkins Glass Company
March/April 2007 Kay P. Caruso My Love Affair with lancaster
November/December 2007 Kent Washburn Vaseline Glass Convention
--- 2008 Articles ---
September/October 2008 Len Waska Wave Crest
November/December 2008 Barbara Mauzy McKee Glass Company
November/December 2008 Bert Kennedy Morgantown Angel
--- 2009 Articles ---
January/February 2009 Rosemary Trietsch Mayfair & Rosemary; Sister Patterns of Federal Glass Company
March/April 2009 Don Jones & Danny Cornelius Cake Stands and Salvers
May/June 2009 Len Waska Early American Pattern Glass
July/August 2009 Bert Kennedy What is a Glass Collection?
September/October 2009 Alex Wolk Farber Brothers - Krome Kraft
November/December 2009 Earl & JoAnn Autenreith Co-Operative Flint Glass Animals
--- 2010 Articles ---
January/February 2010 Rosemary Trietsch Jeannette's Sunflower Pattern
March/April 2010 Bert Kennedy Morgantown's Filament Stems
May/June 2010 David Adams Glass Lightning Rod Balls
July/August 2010 Bert Kennedy A Dictionary of Glass Terms
September/October 2010 Mary Marsh Reamers - An Introduction, Part One
November/December 2010 Mark Buersmeyer Hazel-Atlas Glass Company
--- 2011 Articles ---
January/February 2011 David Adams Depression Glass Days
March/April 2011 William P. Walker Those Confusing Woodland Scenes
July/August 2011 Mark Buersmeyer Miss America Depression Glass
September/October 2011 Larry Branstad A Brief Survey of Selected Glass Companies, Colors Used, Reamers Made, Part two
--- 2012 Articles ---
January/February 2012 John P. Zastowney Lancaster Glass Company, 1908 - 1937
March/April 2012 Barbara Mauzy History of Several Major Producers of Depression Glass - Part One
May/June 2012 Barbara Mauzy History of Several Major Producers of Depression Glass - Part Two
August/September 2012 Kay Tucker A Beginner's Guide to Antique Glass
October/November 2012 Larry Branstad A Brief Survey of Selected Glass Companies, Colors Used, Reamers Made, Part Three & Four
--- 2013 Articles ---
December 2012/January 2013 Dean Lowry Indiana's Soda Fountain Line
February/March 2013 Larry Branstad A Brief Survey of Selected Glass Companies, Colors Used, Reamers Made, Part Five
April/May 2013 Bev Harris Beautiful Use of Imperial Glass
June/July 2013 - 2013 Convention Live Auction - Item Preview
August/September 2013 Sarah VanDalsem Out & About with Acquisitions
October/November 2013 Kay Tucker Unique Creamers and Sugars
--- 2014 Articles ---
December 2013/January 2014 Don Jones Let Them Eat Cake - A Reflection on Cake Stands & Salvers
February/March 2014 Les Hansen Carmen - A Precious Ruby Colored Glass
April/May 2014 Jim Davis Look Both Ways While Keeping
June/July 2014 Mike Murphy Alexis Pattern
August/September 2014 Cheryl Kevish Pictures from the past ......
October/November 2014 Mark Nye Cambridge Tally Ho
--- 2015 Articles ---
December 2014/January 2015 Jeff and Kathy Hayden In Your Cups
February/March 2015 Shelly Yergensen Someone Should Write A Book
April/May 2015 Mike and Cathy Hemmann Is it Consolidated, or is it Phoenix?
June/July 2015 Mary Sue Lyon The #2056 American Pattern - A Century of Design Excellence
August/September 2015 Tom Cotter Chihuly at the Denver Botanic Gardens
October/November 2015 Carolyn and Glen Robinson A Little About Hazel-Atlas Glassware
October/November 2015 Bert Kennedy Kingston Trio
--- 2016 Articles ---
December 2015/January 2016 Jim Retzloff Cambridge Spiral Optic Patterns
February/March 2016 Bruce Witkov The Case of the Missing Morgantown Glass
April/May 2016 Betty Buersmeyer Swankyswigs
June/July 2016 Cal Hackeman, Dave & Renee Shetlar Stretch Glass Turns 100 and Is Still Turning Heads
August/September 2016 Leora Leasure Gentile Glass Company
October/November 2016 Bert Kennedy Violet's Glass
--- 2017 Articles ---