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Fenton 1995 Brochure

Fenton Brochure

The NDGA Library Collection

At the NDGA Convention of 2006, the beginnings of the NDGA Library Collection took hold. The collection consists of books that have been autographed by the author(s), as well as working copies of reference books and material relevant to the glassmaking industry in America.

Pam Meyer, Acquisition Committee This collection is another step towards the goal of a permanent museum with facilities for the study of glassmaking in America. Shown in the photo at right is Pam Meyer, Acquisition Committee member who handles the publications portion of the National Collection.

The library is divided into three sections:

Historical Library Collection
Consisting of first edition and/or author-signed copies of glass reference books. Latest inventory (June 2010).
Working Library Collection
The Acquisition Committee has set a target of two copies for the working reference library, one for active use and one in reserve. Latest inventory (June 2010).
Magazine & Newsletter Collection
Consisting of Magazines, Newsletters, Advertisements, Brochures and any other paper reference material related to the glass industry in America. Latest inventory (June 2010).

Do you have any glass reference books, magazines or other publications related to glass such as club newsletters, glass company catalogs, old magazine advertisements, etc., lying around that you no longer want or need? A good example is the Fenton Brochure pictured at left. This type of material is invaluable when one is doing research on the various companies that produced glassware in America. Would you be willing to donate this type of item? Users will enjoy your contribution of books and materials to these collections for many years to come. Here is the form to use when making a non-monetary donation to the National Collection.