The Green "Fairy" Glass

by Ann Adams
Volume 26 No. 5 - December 1999

I began Looking for the elegant depression glass pattern, Morgan, by Central Glass, in green as soon as I found out my daughter was expecting a girl and would name her Morgan.

I had seen it pictured In Gene Florence's Elegant Depression Glass book but had never seen it anywhere. Everyone told me it would be a Morgan cream soup very hard pattern to find in any color. I saw it for the first time in a display at the glass show in Chicago and fell in love with it. It just so happened that my daughter's baby shower was the same weekend of a glass show in New York. I flew up for the baby shower and my son-in-law agreed to drive us to the glass show. He and my daughter had never been to one. My daughter was the first to spot two green Morgan water goblets. They were marked "Morgan." All three of us were very excited.

When Morgan was three months old, I flew back to New York to babysit while my daughter and son-in-law got away for a few days. One cold snowy day when Morgan was asleep and I didn't have anything to do, I started checking the auctions on the Internet. One site listed a green "fairy" glass. The picture wasn't very good, so I couldn't tell much about it. About all I could tell was that it was green with some kind of etching. The starting bid was $10. I was the high bidder and managed to get it for $12. We didn't know if it was the Morgan pattern until it arrived in the mail. It was very exciting when I opened the package and discovered that it was indeed a Morgan footed tumbler, I have contacted the dealer to tell them the pattern name and asked them to look for more.

It has been almost a year since I discovered the green "fairy" glass. We have been very successful in adding to our collection. One of the reasons is that we help our friends in their search for their patterns and they, in turn, help us. When we find anything in Morgan we try to get the story behind, that particular piece/pieces. One set of sixteen stems was found in a pawn shop in Las Vegas. Another set was part of a big divorce settlement.

My granddaughter, Morgan, is just precious. She celebrated her first birthday July 12, 1999. I never dreamed when I chose to collect only the green in this pattern that Morgan would have green eyes just like my daughter. I think that's kind of neat!

The Morgan pattern was designed by Joseph 0. Balda and named for Governor Ephraim F. Morgan of West Virginia. Table service in this pattern was purchased for the Governor's Mansion. This pattern was modestly advertised in the trade journals from the mid to late twenties. To date several complete dining sets have been found totaling more than one hundred pieces.

It would be fun to hear from other Morgan collectors. Perhaps we could help each other in our search since I am only interested in green. I am also offering a special gift to anyone who gives me a lead resulting in my purchase. I will give a cutting of one of my exotic plumeria - the Hawai'ian lei flower. My two passions are collecting depression glass and growing plumeria.