Federal's Colonial Fluted or "Rope" (1928-33)

by Joyce Nichols
Volume 26 No. 4 - November 1999

One small pattern of depression glass that isn't seen at all the shows that you attend is Colonial Fluted or Rope which was produced by the Federal Glass Co. of Columbus, Ohio from 1928 through 1933.

Rope was a very serviceable pattern and many of the remaining pieces show signs of heavy use. Sharp knives put unrepairable marks on the surface of much of the glassware.

This Federal Glass pattern was made in green and crystal, green being the color most often seen and most often collected. Not many pieces were made in this set. Rope was marketed as a bridge set, because only a few pieces were available. Pieces that are to be collected in Rope are an eight inch luncheon plate, cup and saucer, sherbet and six inch sherbet plate, sugar with cover and creamer, a four inch berry bowl, a six inch cereal bowl, and the hard to find salad bowl that is six and a half inches in diameter and two and a half inches deep. The only serving piece, besides the sugar and creamer, is the seven and a half inch large berry bowl.

The most elusive piece in this pattern is the salad bowl, so it commands the highest price of any of the pieces.

Any of the Federal patterns will be a color match to supplement this pattern. My experience has been that there are plenty of collectors for this pattern and good pieces do not sit on the shelves for very long.

If you want an inexpensive green pattern of depression glass that isn't fussy and also presents a challenge to complete your set -- Colonial Fluted by Federal Glass Co. is a good choice.