A Dealer's Dilemma
or the Price of a Candlewick Muddler

by Myrna Garrison
Volume 25 No. 10 - June 1999

Editor's Note: Myrna sent this article with the caveat that some people "might not get it." I found it to be a real revelation about the true "cost" of glass.

We found and bought this muddler (in August, 1990) for $3.00. We are willing to sell it to you for $22.50, and that is a real bargain. We thought you might be interested in knowing how we arrived at this fair price.

We drove 52 miles round trip to a flea market. This was the only item of resale value to us. Calculating the Internal Revenue Service allowance of a deduction of twenty-three cents a mile for business use of an automobile, this added $11.96 to the cost of the muddler. Admission to the market was $1.00 each for a total of $2.00. The time involved in driving and hunt was 3½ hours each, for two of us. We should be worth the minimum wage allowed of $4.65 per hour, so that comes to $32.55. For this muddler, our grand cost total is $49.51.

Doesn't that make the $22.50 price tag a real bargain for the muddler?

P.S. We didn't include the cost of all the books, newsletters, telephone expenses, and time spent researching so that we could be informed, knowledgeable dealers to bring you this beautiful glass. Oh, yes, I forgot the cost of the computer, printer, accessories, etc., to keep up with all the office work involved with the promotion of this show to bring all these wonderful dealers with their outstanding glass.

We hunt for the glass we collect and sell because we love the adventure and the people we meet. (It is our hope that you read this piece of humor with the same humor in which it was written.)