Cameo: "Ballerina" or "Dancing Girl" Pattern

by Joyce Nichols
Volume 25 No. 10 - June 1999

The Cameo pattern, sometimes called "Ballerina" or "Dancing Girl," was made by the Hocking Glass Company in the early nineteen-thirties Cameo plate (1930-1934). This is one of the most popular patterns among collectors. This glass was made in light green, yellow, pink and crystal. The most commonly seen colors are green and yellow in the basic pieces.

Green Cameo is one of the most desirable Depression Glass patterns. This is a pretty pattern that can usually be found at fairly reasonable Cameo tumbler prices. The pattern does have pieces that are quite pricey and out of reach for many of our budgets

Hocking made many pieces in Cameo. As you begin to collect Cameo for a usable set, unless you have unlimited resources as few of us do, you need to sit down and decide which of the bowls, plates, tumblers and stems you want to concentrate on. Many of the pieces in this basic set bring prices of over $100.00 each. Very few collectors can find multiples of every piece that was made in this beautiful glass.

The cream soups are hard to find and command a high price. The salad and rimmed soup bowls are also elusive. The center-handled sandwich server is by far the most expensive piece and a very hard to find piece. If you happen to have one in your cabinet, count your blessings because in my twenty years of collecting and selling, I have not seen one.

Yellow Cameo grill plate If green is not your color, maybe you would like to collect yellow Cameo. Except for the butter dish, stems and the syrup pitcher, yellow Cameo is priced very reasonably. It is also a very pretty clear yellow color that sets a pretty table.

In the Cameo pattern, there are several pieces that I think are especially pretty. The 20 ounce syrup or milk pitcher is very beautiful as is the tall candy with a cover and the 5¾ inch vase. The six inch, 36 ounce juice pitcher is not a terribly expensive piece but is very attractive.

Mosser Glass in Ohio has made small children's sets that have pieces with shapes and designs like all of the original Cameo pieces. The new dishes are not to be confused with the older Cameo because there were no children's sets made in the early years.

Childs set As long as you are fully aware and know what you are buying, you can really have fun collecting the little sets of "Jennifer", as Mosser called their sets of children dishes modeled after the early Cameo pattern. Many of us who are adult collectors like to plan a "Tea Party" with our grandchildren using "Jennifer".

If you have lots of patience, lots of shopping time and loads of money, then go for a pink set (I believe I'll just have to settle for pink Jennifer and enjoy my second childhood!).

I hope that at least your appetite has been whetted to begin Cameo if you have not settled on a pattern. Just find where the next show in you area is and start hunting. If you prefer to shop in the comfort of your own home, there is plenty of Depression Glass on the Internet. Just put your search engine to work and visit the many sites that sell on the Net. Also, many the nation's dealers advertise in the Daze newspaper, which is a must subscription for any of us interested in Depression Glass.

Then lastly, but very importantly, there are many of us that are listed in the Business Card Ads in this very paper that you are reading. Just look for that telephone number or e-mail address and get busy shopping!

Editor's Note: I would like to express my thanks to Joyce for the informative and interesting articles. This is another person who has~ made me a happy Editor with her commitment to the N&V.