Pink Adam in 1994: Bring More $ When You Shop!

by Cheryl Kevish
Volume 20 No. 6 - February 1994

In the Dec. l993/Jan. 1994 News & Views, an article written by Adam plate Mr. Mark Nye in 1977 was reprinted. This article priced a service for six in pink Adam, the popular depression glass pattern by Jeannette Glass Company. In an accompanying note, the editor commented that it would be interesting to see what the set would cost at 1994 prices. My curiosity was piqued, so I decided to do some research.

I have noticed that most dealers in the Daze list their glass in very close correlation to the price set by Mr. Gene Florence in his Collectors Encyclopedia of Depression Glass. So rather than use the Daze, I took the 1994 prices directly from, the Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopedia. The rather broad ranges of prices reported by Mr. Nye in 1977 does not seem to exist in today's DG market. Collectors, both buyers and sellers, are more aware of the worth of the glass now. Bargains are much harder to find in 1994. Beginning with the nine pieces Mr. Nye included for the place setting, here are the 1994 prices:

Berry Bowl, 4¾" 14.00 84.00
Cup 22.00 132.00
Saucer, 6" 7.00 42.00
Sherbet Plate, 6" 7.50 45.00
Salad Plate, 7¾" 14.00 84.00
Dinner Plate, 9" 25.00 150.00
Sherbet, 3" 27.50 165.00
Water Tumbler, 4½" 27.50 165.00
Ice Tea Tumbler, 5½" 55.00 330.00
PLACE SETTING TOTAL 199.50 1,197.00

Clearly, there have been some price increases since 1977! As the totals show, the cost for six place settings of pink Adam has more than doubled from the $593 that Mr. Nye reported for an entire service that included many accessory pieces.

Here are the 1994 prices for those accessory pieces:

Ash Tray, ¾" 26.00
Cake Plate, l0" Ftd. 21.00
Candy Jar & Cover, 2½" 80.00
Creamer 17.00
Sugar With Cover 41.00
Round Pitcher, 32 oz. 46.00
Square Pitcher, 8", 32 oz. 37.50
Platter, 11¾" 22.00
Relish Dish, 8" Divided 17.50
Vase, 7½" 227.50
Salt & Pepper Shakers, 4" Ftd. 65.00
Candlesticks (2), 4" 80.00

Numbers do not lie: the grand total for the entire service is $1,877.50, No one who has been a long time collector will be surprised that prices have gone up, but an increase of over 200% is somewhat dramatic. Mr. Nye's $593 won't go very far in 1994.

It is also interesting to note changes in availability since 1977. Mr. Nye included a pink vase in his service and noted that it was listed in the Daze, although as a single listing. In 1994. Mr. Florence states that the pink vase is "the most elusive piece of Adam" with the exception of the Adam/Sierra butter dish, and the price certainly reflects this. Mr. Nye also reported on the scarcity of lamps, which remains true in 1994.

The term "appreciation" is used by accountants to define an increase in monetary value or price. While everyone is glad to see assets appreciate, DG collectors should also keep other definitions of "appreciation" in mind. In my dictionary, "sensitive awareness of aesthetic values" and "an expression of gratitude" are the first definitions given and I hope that we will all remember this. Depression Glass represents beautiful American design and ingenuity created in a time of hardship, In my opinion, our collections are more valuable for what they exemplify than for what they are worth in monetary terms.

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