Fostoria COIN Glass

by Dan Kramer
Volume 18 No. 6 - February 1992

Fostoria is one of the best known glass companies in the United States. A popular line, Coin Glass, was put into producion in 1958. Candy box Craftsmen at the factory combined their skills to introduce this new glass, which contains four different Fostoria coin designs. On most of the pieces only the eagle and the colonial head designs were used.

The date 1887 was chosen to commemorate the founding of the Fostoria Glass Company in Fostoria, Ohio. In that same year, pieces all have at least one coin in which the date appears. Some of the pieces have all four coin designs on them, such as the ash trays, plates and the cigarette box lid. All of the first quality pieces had frosted coins. The very first pieces included the candy jar and cover, the wedding bowl and cover, the old fashion tumbler, water tumbler, ice tea tumbler, jelly dish, and the juice tumbler.

Then in 1961, Fostoria added color to the line: blue and amber were first produced in 1961, and the line was increased to 31 items. In 1963, green was introduced; this was the emerald green color, which was only made until 1965. At this time, Fostoria changed the green color to Pitcher olive. In 1967 blue was replaced by the ruby red color. Then in 1975 the blue was reintroducad again, making it the only color to be remade after being discontinued from the line.

Fostoria made promotional items in their Coin Glass for the Boy Scouts, the U.S. Congress, and the Avon Company. Many pieces were produced for the Avon Company. The same coins were used on the Avon pieces, but the date was changed to 1886, the year Avon was founded. The wedding bowl the first piece made for the Avon Company in 1961, and was produced for their 75th anniversary. The wedding bowl was also produced again for the 91st anniversary in 1977.

Fostoria did not produce the pieces with the 1886 date exciusively for Avon. Many pieces were sold by the Fostoria dealers, and were not originally Avon products. The raised coin center ashtrays were produced with the U.S. House of Representative Seal. Pieces were also produced with the Boy Scouts organizational emblem on them.

Coin glass is becoming a very popular collectable in shows today. Lancaster Colony Glass Company, which bought out Fostoria Glass Company, is currently producing coin glass. Pieces in production do not have the frosted coin on them.