DG Museum to Open

by Aneita J. Ayers
Volume 13 No. 7 - March 1987

My love affair with Depression Glass began in June 1982. I bought a partial set of Miss America, crystal. I purchased my first reference book at that time. How I poured through that book. I thought it was the DG Museum most beautiful glass in the world. I was just aching to see some of the wonderful pieces that I had seen in the book.

I started attending Glass Shows and Antique Shops, buying pieces that I just couldn't pass up. The boxes began to grow, from a closet, to a room, to the garage. It was about this time that I wondered what I was going to do with all these beautiful pieces. I wanted to see them, not have them packed away.

It was about February 1983 that I attended a Depression Glass Show and overheard two women talking about some green Cameo and one of the ladies said to the other "wouldn't you just love to see a complete table setting in that pattern?" The light bulb clicked on and the concept for a Depression Glass Museum was born.

I found the property that was perfect on December 31, 1983. It consisted of a Victorian house and church in Prescott, Arizona. It took until February 1986 to negotiate the purchase with the church board and to obtain my zoning for the museum. I moved into the house the end of March 1986 and received possession of the church building June 1st.

DG in cases The two buildings were in dire need of repair and many, many months of hard work was needed to get the museum building ready to start putting the collection into. The display cases alone were a major accomplishment. I plan to open Heritage Chapel Museum on April 4, 1987. It will be open April 15th to October 15th, Wednesday thru Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM.

It has truly been a labor of love. I wanted to preserve a collection for its historical value, for future generations to enjoy, and I also want the Museum to be educational as far as values and reproductions. There will be a charge to defray expenses and hopefully complete the collection. At last count there were over 8,000 pieces, mostly in sets. There are many rare, hard to find and some "one of a kind" pieces.

So come and see beautiful Arizona and one of the most unique collections of Depression Glass in America, and please let me know if you enjoyed it, that will be my reward.