Amethyst Tulip

by Virgie Ott
Volume 13 No. 2 - September 1986

Tulip was manufactured by the Dell Glass Company of Millville, New Jersey, during the 1930s. The colors are amethyst, blue, green, amber and crystal.

My life long passion for amethyst extended into depression glass Tulip plate even as I added to the pink and green of "Grandma's dishes." I knew I had to possess a set of amethyst dishes, but could not settle on a pattern as shown in Hazel Marie Weatherman's Colored Glassware of the Depression Era, Book I.

Attending an auction here in New Orleans, I spotted a set of amethyst dishes (service for four in a 4-piece place setting, plus cream and sugar) which I fell in love with, but did not recognize. I stayed until 2 AM, and proudly left with my set of amethyst dishes which cost me $21. The following week I added five whiskeys, at a cost at 75 cents each, from a local flea market.

Much to my surprise and delight, I was able to identify my set as "Tulip" through H. M. W's Colored Glassware of the Depression Era, Book 2, in the XYZ section. On the top side is an embossed design of a side view of a tulip with small embossed dots on the underside of the piece.

Listed below are the pieces I have in my collection:

  • Cup
  • Saucer, 6" with indention to be used with a cup or fruit cup
  • Bread & Butter, 6" with plain center measuring 2¾"
  • Plate, 10½"
  • Cream & Sugar, seems to be the cup squashed down a little with added handle, and spout and handle. Also seems tiny in comparison to the size of the other pieces in the set
  • Whiskey, 1¾" tall
  • Smooth rim bowl, 2¾" deep, 4¾" wide
  • Console, oblong, 6" x 13¼" x 2½" deep
  • Toothpick Holder, 2½" tall, 2¼" wide with serrated edge like the plates
  • Candleholders, 3½" wide, 2¼" deep, with stand-up points all around

Additional known pieces that I do not have:

  • Fruit Cups, same as candleholder, but without indentations for candles
  • Tulip Cup/Saucer
  • Relish Dish, seems to be in the shape of a shell with an inset in the center
  • Ashtray
  • Decanter
  • Nappy, 6"
  • Plates, 7¼" and 9"

The amethyst color of these dishes is deep, brilliant and royal in appearance. I am able to compliment this set with any other piece of amethyst glass. I especially like to use pieces of amethyst Hazelware by Hazel Atlas made in the 1950s. These dishes have many various relish dishes and bowls. I am especially pleased with the amethyst cake plate in this set.

I also have a huge amethyst hand blown water pitcher, 9¼" tall, made by the Blenko Glass Company in the early 1930s. I have only three amethyst footed tumblers, square base with many of the dots found on the Tulip plates. These tumblers were purchased here in New Orleans at a local department store in the early 1930s also. I suspect maybe they are Westmoreland, but no positive identification yet. I also use a set of French wine glasses with amethyst tops (bowls), and clear stems.

I have many, many amethyst pieces displayed in my living room, but one of my very favorite pieces is a glass sock darner. Believe me, my passion runs to the lighter amethyst color too, in which I have a crucifix candleholder, jars, buttons, marbles, ink wells, ashtrays, curtain tie backs, the doors have amethyst door knobs and the room has a stained glass window done by my husband Ed, in amethyst, opalescent blue and clear!