Imperial Moulds Sold

by B. J. Kersey
Volume 11 No. 9 - May 1985

During 1984 the Imperial Glass Corporation was sold to Consolidated Stores and Lancaster Colony Corporation. Imperial had over the years acquired moulds from several glass companies, among them Heisey and Cambridge. The buyers have begun to sell off moulds.

Following is a list of the moulds reported to have been said and to whom.

Heisey Collectors of America purchased all existing Heisey moulds dating from 1896 to 1958, except the #341 line "Old Williamsburg," which was sold to a glass company. In total over 3000 moulds, hundreds of etching plates, inventory books and other items pertaining to Heisey.

The National Cambridge Collectors Club has bought 65 moulds, all etching plates except Rose Point, and other memorabilia. The moulds acquired are:

  • Bookend (all moulds)
  • Swan Punch bowl, Base and cup
  • Most of the #3011 (Nude) stems
  • Cordials
  • Ash trays
  • Coasters
  • Twist Muddler
  • Rooster Muddler
  • Many Caprice
  • Some Cascade
  • Some Heirloom
  • #3130 Stems
  • #3790 Stems
  • Regency stems

Summit Art Glass appears to have bought the following moulds:

  • Figure Flower Holders
  • Swans
  • Dolphin Candlesticks
  • #3011 (Nude) Candlestick
  • Flying Lady Bowl
  • Small Buddha

The following Summit items are already on the market in a dark blue:

  • 8½" swan
  • 11" Bashful Charlotte with fine ribbed base
  • Sea Shell 3 toed 4" ash tray
  • Caprice 2¾" 3 toed ash tray
  • #3400/71 - 3" nut cup

The Fenton Art Glass Company has purchased close to fifty Imperial and Cambridge moulds which include some Cambridge Everglade and Caprice vase moulds.

Lancaster Colony has thus far kept the #3121 and #3500 stemware lines and the Rose Point etching plates. The Dresden Lady mould will be used by Lancaster Colony's Tiara Division.

Some moulds are reported to have gone to Boyd's Crystal Art Glass.

Mirror Images is reported to have the following flower frogs:

  • 6½" Bashful Charlotte
  • 8½" Draped Lady
  • Small Heron
  • 13" Draped Lady
  • Peg Blue Jay

The Cambridge Arms have also been sold but yet their buyer is unknown.

Fenton stated that they will mark the new items produced. Other companies indicated that they would mark them when they got around to it.

The fate of remaining moulds is still to be decided. As facts come to light we will report to you.