Crystal Madrid

by Dean Lowry
Volume 33 No. 3 - November/December 2006

When you mention Madrid, there are a few things that come to mind. One is the wonderful amber color, called Golden Glow. Federal made Golden Glow Madrid in more than 40 different pieces. Madrid Madrid also brings to mind the myriad of pieces that were reproduced by both Federal Glass and Indiana Glass in the 1970's and 1980's. Some of them are easy to spot, such as the Bicentennial commerative pieces with a small 76 in the design. For the other reproductions, you have to be very knowledgeable in the slight nuances between the 1930's pieces and the later pieces.

Glass aficionados know about 1930's Madrid in amber, green, pink and blue. People do not often think of 1930's crystal Madrid and dealers don't often carry crystal Madrid due to the 1980's reproductions made by Indiana. It is assumed that there is not a complete list of pieces made by Federal in crystal Madrid.

Clockwise from upper left coaster, 5.5" flat tumbler, 4.5" flat tumbler on coaster with indent

Here's a list of the known pieces that were made in crystal by Federal Glass in the 1930's. The pitcher is reported in a couple of reference books but no mention is made as to whether it has a molded or applied handle.

AshtraySugar & Lid
CreamerCone Sherbet
CoasterCoaster with indent
Cookie Jar & LidFooted Shakers
4.25" Flat Tumbler5.5" Flat Tumbler
5.5" Footed Tumbler11" Low Console Bowl
10.5" Grill Plate8" square 60 oz. Pitcher

Of the pieces listed above, three of them were reproduced, the sugar, creamer and grill plate. On the original sugar, you need to look at the connections of the handle to the body of the Shakers piece. The lower part of the handle has a teardrop shaped connection to the piece. The connection is more of an oval on reproduction pieces. On an original creamer, the spout is below the top rim. A reproduction creamer's spout is above the rim and there is a mold seam at its base of the spout. The original grill plate has three sections and the reproduction only has two.

Ash Tray Since there is a console bowl, there might be original crystal candlesticks. Reproduction candlesticks have ridges inside the socket to help hold the candle. These ridges are absent in original candlesticks. Cream/Sugar/Lid


There might be other pieces out there. Please consider sharing what other pieces of original crystal Madrid you have in your collection.